Impress Your Guests – Hire a Hog Roast Margate Machine!

Cooking a Hog Roast Margate has never been easier now you can hire one of the very machines we use on a daily basis to cook your own hog roast to impress your friends and family!

PlatHog013Rebecca and Harry called our team recently to find out more about hiring one of our Hog Roast Margate machines. They had been contemplating hiring our catering services for a gathering with friends they had coming up but when they saw that there was the option to hire a machine and cook their own Hog Roast Margate they told us they simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the looks on their friends faces as they realised they had provided such a brilliant meal for them by themselves. Our Hog Roast Margate team were impressed by the couples’ enthusiasm as we arranged for them to come and visit our factory situated in the heart of Lancashire. From here we can demonstrate how to operate each of our Hog Roast Margate machines and provide advice as to what recipes we find work best and how to clean the machine after use.

When they arrived at our factory and showroom both Harry and Rebecca were so excited, they could barely contain themselves. They were eager to try out all of our machines, so our Hog Roast Margate team showed them around and gave demos and a quick crash course in hog roast catering. After trying out each machine the couple decided they would hire the Platinum machine. Now, the Platinum is one of our largest machines usually chosen by professional caterers, however, Harry insisted that they had to go all out to impress their friends and who are we to argue?

We arranged a delivery date and gave Rebecca the name of some local Margate suppliers that would be able to help them out when preparing their food. Good luck guys, we can’t wait to hear how you get on!