Hog Roast Scunthorpe – Titan Purchase for a Local Deli!

Here at Hog Roast Scunthorpe, we don’t just offer our own superior catering services, we also have a range of our own state of the art roasting machines available for sale to enable other caterers to have a go themselves! Our latest happy hog roast customers are Mike and Louise who run a deli that celebrates high quality local produce. They wanted to expand their deli by introducing a café for their customers, so they could enjoy their great home-grown fare on the premises too! They knew they needed to invest in a new piece of cooking equipment that would make their lives easier, whilst at the same time help them to get customers through the door to try out their new café. Being lucky enough to run a business in an area that produces a lot of high quality local pork, they felt that having this on their menu was an absolute must so they decided getting their own hog roast machine was the way forward!

Hog Roast ScunthorpeAfter listening carefully to their requirements, we knew one of our mighty Titan machines would be ideal for the busy deli owners thanks to its robust yet sleek construction and its versatility. After discovering that the Titan can be used for cooking an entire pig in the most hassle free way possible, as well as having the option to use it as a spit roast for cooking a large number of whole chickens in one go, Mike and Louise immediately felt that this multifunctional machine would be their ideal new piece of kit!

When they got back in touch with the Hog Roast Scunthorpe team after using it for a couple of weeks, they couldn’t wait to tell us how delighted they are with the results! The Titan has been a massive hit with their customers thanks to its unwavering ability to produce mouth-watering meat over and over again!

We were thrilled here at Hog Roast Scunthorpe with the feedback we got from Mike and Louise and we’re glad that buying one of our Titan machines has had such a positive impact on their business!