Hog Roast Lincoln college open event

This week was a busy one for Hog Roast Lincoln. Packed full of weddings, birthdays and to top it off the local colleges open event which we are asked back for year after year. This type of event is perfect for a Hog Roast Lincoln as it involves lots of people milling about and wandering through the difference departments so its good to be able to grab a Hog Roast roll which you can eat on the go. Not to mention we are convinced that our hog roast actually draws more people to the event as word of our presence spreads and people turn up just to sample our food!

Surrey - bread4The evening was set to last from 5pm to 10pm, cutting right through dinner time so it meant everyone would be in need of our Hog Roast after visiting their chosen departments. These types of events really are a brilliant way to get a feel for studying at the place as there are always staff and current students on hand to answer questions and even to show off their work. We are always impressed by the musical department who do a performance every hour of the open evening and it’s hard to believe that these are only students performing and not professionals!

It was important that our Hog Roasts could cater for any and all dietary requirements at this event as we couldn’t know beforehand what people’s preferences would be. So, we of course brought a range of different meats to roast so that there was ample choice for people to choose from and also to offer some variation as we were sure people would be wanting seconds or even thirds! We made sure there was a gluten free version of our bread rolls and that the vegetarians and vegans wouldn’t be forgotten about either. Our head chef had made his speciality roasted vegetable tart which would suit all needs and really is delicious.

We are looking forward to coming back next year after another successful open evening!