Hog Roast Ledbury – Pre Summer Party

As the months are moving on, lights are getting lighter, the weather is picking up and we just can’t wait for summer! But, just like us and ever the optimist is our client Sue who planned a ‘pre-summer’ party to be held this March. In a bid to lift spirits of all her family and friends and look forward to a great summer together, she called in the help of Hog Roast Ledbury. Afterall, who else can bring a summer feel like a fresh, succulent hog roast can?

Hog Roast LedburyWith the unpredictable weather that we have, Sue still had her fingers crossed for at least a dry day, but it was even better and the sun was shining on the lovely Sunday afternoon. It was quite a small gathering planned in Sue’s garden for everyone who was very close to her, Hog Roast Ledbury had a total of 35 guests to cater for. Sue had opted for our Classic Hog Roast Menu with our new exciting Loaded Fries! Giving her party a real extra summer vibe!

As all the guests were arriving we were just finishing off laying out the condiments for the loaded fries so the guests could help themselves. Once the guests had some time to mingle and top up their drinks they were soon ready to fill their bellies and we were right on time and ready to serve. First in line of course our lovely host Sue, who was overwhelmed with her portion of loaded fries and started tucking in as the other guests also collected their portions too. We had plenty left for seconds but many guests were too full to manage another portion and opted to take a portion home instead that we had boxed up ready. A fabulous snack for later on after more drinking and socialising.

Time had flown by and we were soon packing up and heading home leaving Sue and her guests to enjoy the rest of the celebrations. All the team at Hog Roast Ledbury were leaving very optimistic and excited for a fantastic summer, thank you Sue!