Hog Roast Harlow Producing Absolute Perfection!

Hog Roast Harlow has spent a long time now providing great catering services for the masses, but not only by cooking for large groups of people. We are often asked to cater huge events, like big wedding receptions and corporate hospitality functions that have hundreds of guests, but did you know that we can also cater small parties, with even just a few people invited? We can and do, so don’t think we are unable to cater your event if that’s the case.

Hog Roast Harlow For Sara’s parents’ wedding anniversary party recently, Hog Roast Harlow was asked to cook a hog roast for less than twenty guests of friends and family members. Sara asked us to make our amazing pigs in buns (which you may know as hog roast rolls) for everyone, so we booked the special occasion in and when it came round to it over the weekend, our chef and catering assistant made their way to the venue, which was the back garden of the family home.

When we arrived, it was still early morning, as we were due to serve the feast at noon, and it takes several hours to roast a hog to sheer perfection. Armed with our trusty hog roast machine, gazebo, serving table and the small hog itself, we set up our equipment and then busied ourselves preparing the fresh, local meat to be roasted. After scoring the meat all over in diagonal shapes, we massaged in lots of water, which keeps it moist throughout the cooking process, and then smothered it in plenty of salt, which makes the lovely crackling. Before long, the hog was sizzling at a low temperature for a long time, and we kept an eye on it as it did so.

By late morning, the hog was still slowly cooking away, and we chatted to Sara, her parents and some of their guests who had arrived early. Soon enough, however, it was time to let the meat rest while we sliced the bread rolls and arranged them with wraps, dished up our own recipe apple sauce and stuffing and then finally, with all the guests there, Hog Roast Harlow started to carve.