Hog Roast Asterley – Beer Garden BBQ!

Local landlord Gavin’s annual spring barbeque has become something of an institution in the popular pub he runs, but this year he wanted to push the boat out for his loyal patrons and give them something extra special, instead of the usual hot dogs and hamburgers. He was looking for a caterer who could still provide the same informal, sociable outdoor barbeque cooking experience, but who could also provide food that was a cut above the rest. Hog Roast Asterley of course, were more than happy to oblige!

Gavin was terribly excited when he looked through our barbeque style menu, as it was exactly what he was looking for! We still use our same traditional slow-roasting method, but add extra marinades to the meat, which infuse as the meat is cooking to produce a huge flavour sensation. Gavin went for slow-cooked pulled and sticky ribs, complimented with our homemade slaw and mac n cheese and of course plenty of delicious bread rolls and wraps. He was also sure the optional fiery sauces would go down a storm with his punters and admitted it put his usual serving of limp lettuce and mayonnaise to shame!

Beer gardens are like a second home to Hog Roast Asterley, but then again so are a lot of other places, because we are able to cook just about anywhere! The delighted diners loved being able to get involved in the the cooking process, as they sipped their pints and eagerly awaited the most exciting barbeque Gavin had ever provided! Their happy landlord also made the most of the rare opportunity to sit back and watch someone else do all the hard work for a change and he told us he wished he hadn’t waited so long for that to happen!

Everyone was unanimous in declaring that Hog Roast Asterley’s own interpretation of barbeque style cooking was by far the best they had ever tasted, and Gavin was inundated with demands to invite us back next year. Far from taking offense that his clientele preferred our barbeque to his, Gavin wholeheartedly agreed with them! So much so, that he has already booked us to come back again next spring!