2022 Is Off To A Busy Start For Hog Roast Lerryn

Happy New Year, folks! Now that 2022 has officially arrived (can you believe it? It still feels like 2019 to us!), Hog Roast Lerryn is here to remind you of one, very important, piece of New Year’s advice, and that’s: start as you mean to go on…with a belly full of delicious food and great company all around, that is!

And following our words of wisdom, Natalie and Steffan had invited us over to their home on New Year’s Eve, where we were tasked with serving our Gourmet BBQ spread to the couple’s small handful of guests. With so many different elements to prepare, the slap-up feast had taken our team much of the evening to create. But according to Natalie, Steffan and all of the visitors who were there that night, the results were out of this world!

Hog Roast Lerryn The star of the show was most definitely our handmade 100% British beef burgers, which the guests couldn’t stop talking about all evening. The perfectly-rounded patty was presented on brioche or wholemeal buns with melting cheese, fresh slices of tomato and red onion, crunchy coleslaw and lettuce toppings for an extra burst of flavour. In addition to the show-stopping burger, Hog Roast Lerryn had prepared a mixture of sweet potato and regular fries, as well as our chef’s own gourmet sausage recipe, smokehouse style spareribs with a sticky BBQ sauce and succulent chicken kebabs, which catered to every meat-lovers cravings.

Before the event, Natalie and Steffan had also informed us that there would be five guests at the party who were either vegetarian or vegan, so, on the day, we served rolls full of slow-simmered shredded jackfruit, smothered in an irresistible hickory sauce with vegan coleslaw and Greek salad (minus the Feta cheese). The finishing touch was our homemade mince pies with brandy cream, which we presented on a table for the guests to help themselves to.

The couple were really pleased with how the meal turned out, and they were so grateful for Hog Roast Lerryn’s assistance on the night that they have vowed to have us cater for all of their events in future!