Hog Roast Thornaby Tied Up A White Water Rafting Event With A Hog Roast

For those brave enough to face the frosty February weather, Tees Watersports Centre offers a wealth of world-class activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. From kayaking and sailing to paddleboarding and raft building, Tees Barrage is the place to be for all you hydrophilic people out there. Naturally, you’re now probably wondering what all this has to do with hog roasts, am I right? Well, recently Hog Roast Thornaby were asked to serve one of our signature menus at the Tees Barrage White Water Rafting Family Event which had garnered interest from 100 outdoor enthusiasts.

Hog Roast Thornaby Expecting the ticket holders to be ravenous after an exciting afternoon of battling against the current and getting repeatedly soaked by the spray of icy water, a representative from the centre had invited us along to treat the families to our classic hog roast menu. As well as the glorious meaty main and mixed fries side option, Hog Roast Thornaby had also recommended adding our vegetarian and vegan-friendly grilled veggie skewers with optional haloumi, flatbreads and tzatziki to the menu, which the client was very appreciative of.

While the enthusiastic ticket holders attempted to navigate the temperamental waters last week, Hog Roast Thornaby was grateful to be stood underneath the protection of the catering gazebo while they made a start on the lip-smacking buffet. Using our state of the art cooking equipment, the team effortlessly rustled up the crispy, golden pig with a juicy centre which they expertly transformed into wafer-thin slices and irresistible pulled pork. Ensuring that the feast would be packed full of flavour, the catering team served the meat with an abundance of homemade savoury stuffing, sweet applesauce and a mixture of sweet potato and regular fries.

Sure enough, the guests were starving once their adventure had come to an end, and knowing they were in for a hog roast treat, they excitedly made their way to the buffet table. The gorgeously cooked meal proved to be a huge hit, and with more than enough food to go around, the guests snapped up the opportunity to return for second and third helpings.