Southern Slow Roast Menu


Choose 3:

BBQ Pork Butt

Texan 24 Hour Beef Brisket

Cajun Spiced Whole Roast Chickens

Fall Off The Bone Louisiana Sticky Pork Ribs

Pulled Quarter of Minted Lamb

All Roasted ‘Low and Slow’

Each Marinated in our Secret Recipe Rubs.
Tender as can be – Packed Full of Slow-Roasted Flavour

A Selection of Bread Rolls and Wraps.
Including Wholemeal (Happy to provide Gluten Free Rolls on Request)


Served With the following Accompaniments:

Smokey Sweet BBQ Glaze

Cajun Hot Pepper Sauce (not for the faint hearted)

Legendary Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Vegetarian / Vegan Options:

Vegan Pulled Jackfruit
Slow Simmered Bursting with Flavour. Served in a Bun, Steeped in a Hickory BBQ Sauce and Dressed with a Crunchy ‘Slaw


Delightful Grilled Vegetable And Halloumi Skewers
Served with Wraps and a Tzatziki Dip and Sweet and Punchy Sweet Chili Sauce (without Halloumi for the Vegans)

With The Following Accompanying Dishes:

Freshly Made Sides

Choose 3:

Memphis Style Crunchy Coleslaw
Big Bold And Perfect For Our Pulled Pork And Slow Roast Meats. A True Legend Of The Deep South. The Perfect Accompaniment. Combining Texture, Colour And A Zesty Depth Of Flavour.

Greek Salad
Ripe And Juicy Plum Tomatoes, Crisp Green Cucumber, The Finest Green & Black Olives Marinated In Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then The Ultimate Topper Slabs Of Greek Feta Cheese.

Seasonal Green Leaf Salad
A Mixture Of Freshly Sourced Spring Leaves With Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber and Spring Onions. Hand-Dressed By Our Chefs

Seasonal Vegetables
A Selection Of Finely Sourced Vegetables – Prepared With Precision

Corn Cobettes
Fresh/ Corn Cobettes Dripping with Warm Melted Butter

Mac & Cheese
An All-American Classic

Potato Salad
An All American Legend. Indulgent, Creamy – complete with a Kick from Pickles. (Embrace your inner Redneck – optional)

Roasted Baby New Potatoes
Roasted Until Golden. Prepared with Fresh Rosemary And Garlic

Mixture of Sweet Potato & Traditional Fries
Seasoned. Crisp On The Outside, Soft And Fluffy On The Inside

Served Onto Wooden Bamboo Crockery, With Wooden Cutlery and Good Quality Napkins or China Crockery And High Quality Cutlery With High Quality Disposable Napkins.

This Menu Includes:

Serving tables with tablecloths and napkins.

Catering gazebo and lights.

All our rubbish to be cleared away discretely and taken off site.

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