Catering Made Easy! Buy a Hog Roast Machine!

Spitting Pig not only provide expert catering for all your needs at any style of event, but we also hire out and sell our own hog roasting machines. No matter what your level of culinary expertise hog roasting can be for you. Thanks to our machines that we have designed and developed for ease of use and quality of food, anything is possible. Why not take a visit to our factory in the north west and see for yourself!

IMG_3683We recently sold one of our larger machines, the Titan to local caterer Emily. Emily had hired machines from us in the past and adored the results as she was able to cook perfect, succulent meats every time with minimal efforts. She told us that due to growing demand for hog roasts from her business it only made sense for her to invest and finally purchase a Hog Roast machine.

We invited her to visit our factory and sample the different types of machines we can offer from the Hogmaster Pro to the Platinum. However, as somewhat of a seasoned hog roaster Emily already knew that the Titan was ideal for what she needed. With its dual roasting trays and different attachments, she knew it had the versatility she required for her business. Plus, it has the added benefit of being fully portable, something that we like to incorporate into all of our machines, making it perfect for catering by herself at events.

As a courtesy we arranged for Emily to take a quick crash course in hog roasting, even though she had made a Hog Roast before she appreciated the refresher and felt confident in using the machine. We made arrangements for a hog to be delivered to Emily’s business so that she had a point from which to start and wished her luck in her hog roasting endeavours!