Hog Roast Buckinghamshire – Aylesbury, Buckingham, High Wycombe, Marlow, Milton Keynes

Buckinghamshire is home to some of the most quintessential aspects of national heritage to be found anywhere in the United Kingdom. Although a relatively small ceremonial county, the region itself is home to some of the finest aspects of modern living – making it a truly wonderful place to have a hog and spit roast catered event with us. Thatched roofs dot the countryside with the prevalence of ducks on a lake – along with small independent beer makers and cider craftsman. These features fit the classical nature of hog and spit roasting like a hand in a glove – especially the case in great hubs of Buckinghamshire such as Hog Roast Aylesbury – a place which also has a great selection of meat rearers which provide the whole meats for our fabulous spit roasts. Along with Aylesbury, Hog Roast Buckingham itself is another place where produce is of such a high quality.

We cover the following areas of Buckinghamshire – Aylesbury, Buckingham, High Wycombe, Marlow, Milton Keynes

Hog Roast Cateringsalad set up

Hog and spit roast catering, whether you’re in Hog Roast High Wycombe or any other part of Buckinghamshire, has many many advantages when contrasted against more traditional methods of catering. First and foremost is the quality of the meat produced – just fantastic for a Hog Roast in Aylesbury – and just as great for a Hog Roast in Buckingham in the form of wedding catering. The ancient and classical method of flame roasting meat over open flames is the oldest method of preparing meat for human consumption. However, whereas many aspects of our lives have been improved through the development of the sciences and technology – the art of roasting meat has not. Sure, today our superb and ultra-mobile hog and spit roasting machines make hog roasting in any location (even in the middle of a field with no connections to any land-based power sources), however, the method itself remains the same. By always utilising the hog and spit roasting method when it comes to cooking and creating our food at the events of our clients – we ensure that the food tastes simply stunning. Restaurants envy the food we create – it really is that good. For a Hog Roast in High Wycombe, you would be sure to receive food which is roasted to perfection, carved with skill and served in a professional and dedicated manner – as would be the case for our food served at any event in any location in the whole of Buckinghamshire. Our menus are split into three main categories. We have set them up this way so that our clients can view them more easily – allowing our customers to quickly find what they are looking for. The first category is Private Party catering – these menus highlight the various styles of event that our clients normally wish to have. Encompassing all aspects and types of event – from the informal through to the very formal, these private function menus are brilliant for those looking for party catering across a whole scope of menu options – simply great for a Hog Roast in Marlow. Our party menus begin with the ‘pig in bun’ menu – which is relatively simple yet highly effective on those hot summer days in the garden with friends and family. The menus go on to include canapés and various services – allowing for all types of function to be catered for with our exquisite hog and spit roasted food.

Corporate Hospitality Catering

Next is our corporate hospitality catering. This aspect of our event catering has been a thorough success – as hog and spit roasted food is a fantastic way of ensuring that corporate meetings go swimmingly – great when you’re in Hog Roast Marlow or in Hog Roast Milton Keynes. One of the main reasons why our hog and spit roasted services succeed so highly in this respect is due to the very nature of hog roasting itself. Flame roasting is such an ancient method that it truly pre-dates any national or state boundaries. Put simply, spit roasting was around before countries actually existed. Therefore, no nationality is ever alienated when there is a spit roasted meal – as this method belongs to all of us, irrespective of nationality. At corporate events, some with a Hog Roast in Milton Keynes, this has proven to be an exceptional attribute, as many business meetings involve foreign nationals.

Wedding Catering…

Our wedding catering is exceptional also. Our menus in this aspect of our hog and spit roast repertoire showcase the very best that we have to offer; from the food and all of the accompaniments – right through to the service, which is second to none.

The endeavour of Spitting Pig is to transcend the norms of industry catering practices, to rise well above and well beyond bland and uninspiring food service, and we’ve accomplished our ambitions by adhering to a wide range of strict catering principles. We consider that as caterers good food should come above all else, it’s nice to have other selling points and we have many, but they always play second fiddle to the toothsome gourmet food that our name’s associated with. We’ve already told you just how and why hog roasting is the incredible experience it is, but did you know that we’ve taken the magic of hog roasting and made it all the more lavish for your hog roast Aylesbury?

Custom Hog Roast Machines

We understand hog roasts and we have fashioned a custom line of machines for hog roasting. Now the pigs we cook are juicier than ever with the crispiest crackling ever, and we can cook bigger pigs than we ever could before which is great for you because it means your hog roast High Wycombe can be had at bargain prices while you feed extra people. In addition to succulent hogs the machines make it easier for us to spit roast other meats, and cook so many tasty foods that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. There are a lot of dishes that we quite simply couldn’t cook for your hog roast in Marlow if not for the machines we cater with. In essence the famed Spitting Pig menus wouldn’t look like they do without the epic machines at the centre of our spectacular hog roasts. The gourmet chefs own sausages and beef burgers are cooked with the hog machine grill. Most hog roast machines don’t have a grill, but we built one in there. That’s one example, albeit a small one, of why we can cater different and better foods than our competitors. We can spit roast, grill, fry and even boil food – We’re hog roasters with a twist, because we’re stand out hog roasters that can also cater many traditional dishes with a style and grace that other hog roasters don’t for your hog roast Milton Keynes. You’ll be taken aback by the food included in our menus, from the scrumptious salads to the carefully crafted canapés and delicious desserts; they’re all the same excellent quality as the actual roasted hog.

Make An Impression…topright

We get that more than just feeding people you want to make an impression on them, to show that you’ve made an effort and that the event is significant. If this wasn’t the case you wouldn’t be looking for a caterer, instead you’d probably be looking to buy food yourself from an online supermarket. And if making a lasting impression on your guests is what you’re aiming for then you’re in great company, because hog roast in Aylesbury is one of an elite few caterers in Buckinghamshire with both a bite and a bark. What we mean by that is that the service and the act of cooking is as note worthy and amazing as the food we serve. When we hog roast at your event it will be nothing short of a magnificent sight, a feast for the eyes. Hog roasting has all the regalness you could want, everyone will be talking about your event, if you book hog roast Buckingham we’ll blow the guests away with a service befitting of royalty.

Your hog roast in High Wycombe can be had at any occasion, whatever the event we’ll make the hog roasting a great fit and with the infinite menu options available to you; you can make the hog roasting your own.

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We’ve been about a bit and have had a presence as hog roasters in Buckinghamshire for an age, with all the experience we have we’re as confident as can be that if you book us for your hog roast Milton Keynes you’re making the wisest and best decision that you can make. And you’ll realise this if you ring the office to make a booking, because the staff there are as striking as the hog roasting itself – Their acquaintance with events and people is unequaled and they’ll help you enormously to make the right decisions for your party. Calling us for a quote and booking us takes only a few minutes of your time in total. The sales team are as concise as they are empathetic and your experience when booking we hope to be as gratifying as the catering service on the day.

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