Already Booked Another Event With Hog Roast Cambridge

Hog Roast Cambridge often caters parties and events in unique locations, which we can easily do because the equipment we use is light, highly-portable and easy to manoeuvre, as well being powered by gas, so we don’t need to be near mains electric to cook our customers and their guests our seriously amazing food. Our long-term customers will attest to the fact that it’s amazing and not only taste-wise – it’s owing to our choice and variety too, as we have a huge array of options to make sure that everyone can eat and enjoy our food.
Derbyshire - pig8Whether it’s due to personal tastes or for dietary reasons, Hog Roast Cambridge has spent years offering various kinds of dishes, from our famous hog roasts to lots of different spit-roasted meats, or barbecued or marinated meat instead, to hot and cold sides, and alternatives for vegetarians, vegans and guests with intolerances or allergies, to the fact that we can even help you create your own menu with various courses if needed. We can provide handmade canapés to start or handmade desserts to finish, and everything else in-between. Whatever your needs, we can deliver.

Hog Roast Cambridge recently catered Reece’s 50th birthday party, where he asked us to cook a traditional centrepiece hog roast for him and his thirty guests, so we could make pigs in buns for everyone, but he also needed a gluten-free option for one. When we told him that guest could enjoy our pigs in buns just like everyone else, only with gluten-free bread rolls instead, he was overjoyed.

On the day of Reece’s milestone birthday party, our chef and catering assistants cooked up a tasty storm in the grounds of a local hotel. As always, we ensured top-notch service on the day, from start to finish, beginning in the morning when we set up our equipment and ending with clearing away after everyone had enjoyed their sumptuous pigs in buns, full of fresh, hot meat and crackling as well as our homemade apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing.

Reece loved our catering so much that he has already booked us in for another event next month!