A first class service!

The Titan stainless steel, Professional and Zeus Duel steel those are our machines and quality machines they are too! Each one unique and made to suit your requirements what are the difference in the machines well size is the first thing you will notice from the smallest to the largest but each machine gives the best performance on producing first class food. We get hundreds of enquires each month from customers wishing to hog roast for the first time and we are keen to point each one in the right direction we offer the unique package not just selling you a machine we give guidance to the business side too! The Spitting Pig say a website is the best way of starting your own business as you can reach millions of people from all over the world. Here at the spitting Pig we will help you with your website and show you best how to sell your self to clients, you can then once your website is up and running order a machine from us and away you go! We help dozens of people every month get started and we only wish there was some one like us when we first went into business as we feel we are a comfort to customers who are obviously nervous when starting out on their own. Dealing with customers will come naturally and the key is not to ever doubt your self-stay confident and you will be amazing! Whenever it comes to this time of year we find more and more are contacting us with enquires of starting out alone and we welcome each one we have been in the business for well over twenty years and we still get such a buzz with each new hog roaster we help. The spitting Pig are like one big family from our factory workers, to receptionists to caterers we all go that extra mile and we are such a happy work force and believe each member of our team is equal and just as important as the next and we firmly believe that it costs nothing to be niceā€¦