What if the weather is bad on the day of our event?

The weather in the British Isles is not just notorious for those who live within her shiny bounds. Alas, the perception and reputation that Britain exports as regards her weather is far from positive. Whilst happy to be self-depreciative, we must also counter these sentiments with the lemon-like twist of truth; that when the weather is beautiful (like today) there are few places nicer to be.

However, the sour side to the sweet is the fact that it is seldom as beautiful as it is today, and the events of our customers who wish to have events both large and small do not just become cancelled purely because of the weather. Not most of them, anyway. Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that The Spitting Pig Company can assert that we are very flexible within this sphere. Having relatively heavy duty gazebos allows us to maintain our waterproof area whilst the hog roast machines we manufacture laugh in the face of atmospheric moisture. Also, through our development within the technological confines of hog and spit roast machine manufacture, we have managed to produce some of the most efficient and clean burning gas systems. Thus, we can use our roasting equipment indoors as well as outdoors, providing that there is some ventilation available, even if its limited.

In the end it boils down to your flexibility as regards the weather. We’ve catered at so many events in our homeland that if we didn’t know how to work around the bed weather that’s sometimes thrown at us then we would be out of business. Having an ability to adapt to various barometric situations is part of our nation and is a piece of each of our psychological make-ups. Of course, we understand that people often wish their functions and occasions to reflect perfection in every sense, and through this we completely understand that sometimes people may feel saddened by the loss of the weathers support in the matter.

Moving forward, we aim to keep improving our services as we have continued to improve throughout our history in this trade. This means that we will be even better able to deal with any difficulties, including those found within the remit of the weather and its effects on the events at which we cater at. Be sure, however, that it is never our failings in the weather as regards the cuisine which may make for the loss of the sparkle in an occasion. Moreover, grey skies have a habit of shedding a negative light upon other aspects found at functions.

So whatever the weather, there has never been a better time to book a spit or hog roast. Take advantage of great menus, our long and shining history in the business and enjoy our wonderful food. Take a moment to reflect upon the good times that a hog roast will bring, where good friends and family can congregate together and really make use of time. Good times, as good as it gets. Whatever the weather.