If I wanted to hire a machine and cook myself for my party would this be possible?

Once again, our commitment to providing you with the broadest choice available within the sphere of hog and spit roast catering is underlined and emphasised.

Our self-imposed introduction into the world of hog roasting facilitated our embarkation into the world of hog roast manufacture in the form of the machines which are used to flame roast the pigs and other meats. By initially using a design formulated in Australia, it wasn’t long before we were cutting and adding parts to our machines. Through a few years of modifications it was clear that we had essentially re –designed the hog roasting machine which we had began to use in our initial stages of our hog roasting ventures. Over the last 20 years we have continued to develop and design, with the exception of utilising our very own design and manufacturing plant. Through our in house design procedures we have developed and evolved our machines out of sight.

The result of this is that we now have a two pronged set-up here at The Spitting Pig Company, where members of the public along with those within the catering fraternity can buy one of the range of our hog and spit roasting machines to use as they wish.

The third addition to our range of services is the fantastic hire option. Due to our two decades of machine development, it has never been easier for the public to get to grips with a machine for a day or two and cook a pig under the summer sun. the machines come in various seizes depending on the function you wish to have or the amount of people you wish to fill up with glorious spit roasted meat. For a small or medium sized garden gathering, why not try our professional machine? Coming with a pig ready to cook, if you choose, this formulates a great way of getting involved in the cooking process and having some real culinary fun! Believe us, there is little better than kicking back with a few cold beers while a suckling pig or small adult pig roasts itself in its own juices, filling up the air with smells that will send your taste-buds into over drive!

Alternatively if you wish to cater for a large number of people with ta fabulous hog or spit roast, why not hire our commercially sized titan machine? Sharing the same usage features as all the other machines in the range for ease of operation, the titan is a true king of the catering world. Beautiful to look at, the machine is capable of roasting enough mouth watering meat for 350 people! Being mobile and easy to use this truly is a great option for anyone wishing to get involved with a fantastic process like the hog roast whilst feeding an army at the same time!

Coming complete with all the gas you’ll need for the event of your choice, hiring a machine and giving it a go could not be easier. As far as barbecues in the sun go, having your own hog roast is in a league of its own. With delivery and collection included in the price, what more are you waiting for?