Are all the Spitting Pig staff fully trained?

The staff at The Spitting Pig Company constitutes one of our foundation pillars. Since the beginning we have always been aware that the importance of having impeccable staff is absolutely paramount.

Having attended catering events held by other catered events providers, some successful in their delivery and some unsuccessful, we learned the lesson of making sure our staff are of the highest standard very early. Where some events displayed good standards of culinary fare, it was often disappointing to see the service let the food down. Where food was left steaming hot for considerable durations of time before it was served, left us feeling that the service we were on the receiving end of had a sort of emptiness to it.

Often the food at these events was way below par, yet the friendly serving staff and good rapports that they made and fostered between the people they were serving helped to diffuse the culinary time-bomb embodied within the food that the kitchens sent out. Therefore, all Spitting Pig serving staff come complete with a fantastic and positive attitude towards all of our customers. They are all part of the larger hog roasting family that is The Spitting Pig, facilitating our common goal, where we all ‘sing from the same hymn sheet,’ as our whole team loves the food and we want you to love it too. Naturally, all serving staff are fully trained and qualified to ensure that they more than exceed their expectations in regions where enthusiasm and positivity are not enough. This is important not only for our customers, as they receive the benefit of being the recipients of professionalism at all times, but also for us as a team; as with confidence, vigour and heart full of optimism, we can approach all of our wedding catering ventures.

Along with the quality and qualifications of our meticulous serving staff and serving assistants lies the excellence we deliver in terms of our catering itself. Undoubtedly the most pivotal focal point of our whole catering process, the food we deliver has always been of the highest quality, every time. Once again, when attending catered events of our own, we found that a ‘hit and miss’ attitude prevalent within the catering trade was doing both their customers an injustice as well as the ingredients they were utilising.

As we started small twenty years ago, we could never afford to get it wrong. Seeing how happy our customers were and enjoying our subsequent increase in popularity as regards outdoor and indoor hog and spit roast catered events, showed us the true path as regards catering of this type. When people commit to something as theatrical and rustic as a hog roast, their heightened expectations and excitement as regards their event should never be un-fulfilled. The direct result of acquitting ourselves impeccably with fully trained and experienced staff as regards the preparation of our fabulous food is the further increase in our popularity through the word of mouth. In terms of culinary standards, our hog roasting is as renowned as we are qualified in our trade.