Do you provide serving staff?

Once again we approach a catering scenario with a positive attitude; as through our various menus and, ultimately, your choice in the matter, we can happily provide the correct level of staffing for your needs.

Our ‘Party Menu 1’ option forms a menu choice which combines simplicity with magnificence. Popular with sports meetings or informal garden parties alike, this menu includes a fully prepared and tasty hog, apple sauce, stuffing and expertly prepared crispy crackling. Where informality meets sumptuous food quality, this menu option is typically accompanied with a chef to cook and carve and needs no extra hands to embellish the operation.
From this point forwards, our menu options become more complex. Including the addition of our much celebrated side salads and vegetable accompaniments, these additions and extensions of our menus often require the use of extra staff.

In order for our catering scenarios to be as best as they possibly can, the larger functions and venues need to be staffed by extra people, which we will provide. Believing, correctly, that service constitutes an absolutely pivotal role within the realm of spit and hog roast catering, we approach the organisation of service at our events as meticulously as we prepare our crackling. Nothing is omitted from our complete service and we ensure you, our customers, that there will always be adequate staff to fulfil the role that the degree of service denotes.

For our more exquisite menus and service options for corporate functions, as well as service at large wedding parties, we can utilise our front of house staff as well as our canapé waiters and champagne waiters etc.

Our service staff, as with our chefs and engineers back in the machine manufacturing process, are all qualified in their respective field and are subject to passing a required degree of competency. As service can make the difference between a good and great event, we put a huge amount of emphasis upon this very important aspect of our culinary enterprise.

Weddings comprise a large portion of the catering events that we provide the bespoke and fully personalised catering for. As weddings form huge and significant milestones in the life of any of us, it is important to all concerned that everything runs smoothly and that perfection is obtained. Seen by many as being the most important occasion in many peoples lives, the food and menu options we offer are painstakingly tried and tested in order to ensure that they represent the largest and most broad reaching of ingredient options, whilst also bearing our hallmark touches which are sure to leave you speechless.

Our staff have given their expert service at countless events over nearly 2 decades. During this time they have gained lots of experience in this sector of the culinary trade. Adopting the attitude that the customer is always right, our staff are as suited to their task as the hog is suited to its throne-like position on the spit pole, upon which it rotates to a lovely golden hue.