Is there a minimum number of people you cater for?

Our commitment to our customers has always had choice at its centre. That’s freedom of choice to you, so that you can make your event as personal as you like. To underline this commitment, there is no minimum event size that we put forward and assert. Instead, you decide how many people you want to have at your party or function. After all, it is not down to us to impose ourselves upon you. Moreover we shall assist you in the realm of spit and hog roasting, providing the gentle yet firm hand of guidance in order that you get the most out of our catering. This way, everything becomes that little bit more memorable, for all of the right reasons.

Efficiency has always been another key player in our quest for quality in every aspect of our trade. The quickest and easiest way to liaise with us is via the internet. Whilst we absolutely love being in contact with our customers, and often have some of our most entertaining moments when some of you come by to say hello, the online forms on our enquiries page allow you to tell us the main details that we need in order to formulate your quote. With an entry field area where you can tell us the amount of people which you hope to cater for, along with other fields such as ‘location’ and the date of the event etc, our multi-tiered system of access is the next step in getting the right quote to you in the fastest possible time. Using our online form has never been easier, and now forms the most popular way of you getting in touch with us.

Admittedly, although we do cater for any number, it ought to be noted that our methods stipulate that there will always be a minimum cost. As we don’t use cuts of meat and therefore in more controllable amounts, we do have to cover the cost of using whole hogs, lambs or chickens. This means that although we do indeed cater for any number, it may be often the case that the larger the party, the bigger the saving in proportion.

The other end of this spectrum lies the larger parties and bigger and more elaborate functions. Having catered for thousands of people before on many occasions, these functions are highly suitable for the wedding catering services we provide. Where numerous pigs can be cooked simultaneously, along with all of our side dishes, our immaculate and well trained service staff provide the lubrication where the machines and the food are the working parts. Masters of the floor, our service staff are a real delight to work with and are wonderful at what they do. Our larger corporate events, along with huge weddings and other grand occasions allow for a real showcasing of our turning and golden hogs.

So whatever the size of your event, we look forward to providing the cuisine. Whether large or small, truly the choice is yours.