How many people will a pig feed?

It is very surprising to note just how many people can be fed from a hog at one of our catered events. Creatures of habit, our pigs come in various sizes yet always give very generously. Their hulking masses can come in suckling form, often around 35 kilos. These pigs can feed around 100 people on to disposable plates or around 75 on to crockery of merit.

Loving food is something that we all do here at the Spitting Pig Company and have done since we care to remember. It was, after all, this love for the taste of real, hearty and rustic food which set us on the illustrious and lovely path towards hog roasting enlightenment. Due to this love, we accept that the majority of people out there, in Britain and further a field upon shores distant, love food also. At our catered events, we often meet people who share this love and thus enjoy eating more than a substantial amount to say the least! Through this, it ought to be noted by you, our future and current customers, that our portion sizes in terms of how much we expect to be fed when we cater for ourselves and how much we give to our customers is always more than enough for us and more than they can eat!

Average size pigs are generally around 50 kilos in weight. These pigs will feed 100 people on to large plates or 120 people on to disposable crockery. Naturally, when regarding the question of just how many people will be fed by our pigs, more people can be culinarily satisfied when it comes to making filled rolls. Thus, an average pig will feed 160 with pork sandwiches. These ‘pig in a bun’ catering scenarios constitute some of our more popular choices on behalf of our extensive client list. Accompanied with our homemade apple sauce, these sandwiches are simply scrumptious when combined with our delightful floured rolls.

Our larger, commercial sized hog roasting and spit roasting machines can cook the real leviathans of the hog roasting world. The ‘big-boys’ of the trade, these pigs come in at a whopping 85 kilos and are a real sight to behold, especially when they start to gain their sumptuous golden colour as the crackling begins its mesmerisingly beautiful transition towards completeness. A real pleasure to carve, these slowly spit roasted beasts are real crowd pleasers, not just pleasing on the eyes and nose! The flesh responds to this cooking process by adopting a tenderness and soft texture that leaves the biggest grins on our customers faces. Coupled with the crackliness of the crackling, which is always seasoned to perfection, up to 300 people can be fed by one of these creatures. Truly a master of the spit roast, the large pig constitutes one of the finest culinary spectacles available in both modern and contemporary cuisine.

So if you love food like we do, then don’t hesitate to witness and experience being fed on a large scale, yet with all the subtleties and nuances that make this the finest way to enjoy meat.