Is Hog Roast a good choice for a corporate event?

I think this question needs answering with the help of a little history lesson. Let me take you back to 1985 to a time when I was fresh faced and only just out of college. I had started as an administration assistant at a large office just before Christmas, I hated it but the Christmas work function was sure to prove to be at least an afternoon off work and hopefully entertaining.

What a disaster! I had never been to such a terrible event. Everyone seemed about twenty years older than me to start with, but worse than that was the food. It was hideous and I am sure that most people left it and simply got drunk instead! Now fast forward 25 years and I was actually invited back to the same company’s work event by a friend. Well, I was certainly not the youngest now but more importantly, the food was fantastic. A hog roast. It looked incredible because the hog roast chef was actually in the main hall cooking it and then carving it for everyone to see. The aromas in the hall were something else and everyone was loving it. That was nothing to when people started eating it. I did not hear anyone have a bad word to say about it. It was a far cry from my previous experience back in the mid eighties.

Of course, I am biased because I am a Spitting Pigger, but I could see first hand why hog roast was so very popular with everyone. The fact that the meal is cooked there an then was a big thing for people. It added a sense of theatre to the occasion and looked really extravagant. It actually looked and felt quite special, which is what going to a function should be all about, I think.

The meal itself was really great. Gourmet hog roast is something I have enjoyed many a time so I knew what to expect but everyone else was mightily impressed. I was on the same table as one the of the directors and she was over the moon with the meal. I even heard a few say that it couldn’t possibly be hog roast because it looked so posh!

Not everyone had hog roast, mind. The lady next to me had some beef which had also been cooked by the chef. That’s one of the benefits of our great hog roast machines and chefs, they are really versatile and can help cater for everyone’s tastes. I do hope they invite me back again next year.

As for is hog roast suitable for a corporate event, well, if you want to ensure your colleagues and guests get superb quality cooking (at incredibly reasonable cost), are treated to the very best in theatrically presented cooking using the finest quality meats, are catered for with great care and consideration (including alternative meats if need be) then it seems that you have one exceptionally good option and that is hog roast. Suggest hog roast and you may just be in line for the promotion you have been after!