Some of my guests don’t eat pork. Is there an alternative?

We pride ourselves on many things here at The Spitting Pig, often throwing our bodies, minds and spirits at all of our endeavours, be them large or small. Having a firm love of food throughout and broad and hard working team has facilitated our necessity to cater for an exceptionally wide variety of tastes. Without claiming to be ‘passionate about life’ and falsely adopting a written attitude akin to a motivational speaker, we are very passionate when it comes to our food. And liking lots of different kinds of food means that we understand that our customers may have the most eclectic tastes.

Although the hog roast, in the form of the pig alone, constitutes a beautiful way to feed many people, it can also be said that other meats respond to the spit and hog roasting process just as exquisitely. From personal experience, the spit roasted spring lamb option is a triumph of the food world. A meat that is natural intersected by lovely lines of marbled fat which allows it to self-baste as it rotates on the spit pole, the lamb responds to the flame grilled heat of a spit roast like a duck to water. One of our flourishes with this meat is to wrap the entire lamb in rosemary and sit back and watch (and smell!) the flavours infuse. Truly magnificent when accompanied by our chefs homemade dill and mustard sauce!

For years, many of our customers have employed our services to either enhance their barbecue catering needs or, indeed, to replace it. Through our hog and spit roasting machine improvements over the years, our commercial spit roasting machines can be utilised as a barbecue, in a scenario where a tepenyaki style piece of stainless steel is placed over the burners in order to form a very large hot plate. Particularly good for the barbecue set-up, this allows a whole variety of meats to be enjoyed alongside our whole spit roasted animals.

Of course, the spit roasting process is the best way to cook meats. However, our home made gourmet sausages and burgers are tantalisingly good, particularly when used in conjunction with our chefs salads. Great for children, this versatility ensures you always have the optimum degree of choice, all of the time. Our chicken spit attachment allows our chefs to simultaneously spit roast 35 chickens. A spectacle in itself, the meat has that fantastic flame kissed taste. In addition to this, our attachments allow us roast loins and fillets of prime beef alongside other meats to within a very specific focus of taste. Having a strong personal dislike for over done meat, this allows our customers to tailor their beef to suit their exact taste, even if it disagrees with mine!!

On top of this, we happily supply, concoct and create our very lovely vegetarian options. Although our heritage and love lies within the sphere of the carnivorous, we gladly embrace everyones take on the world of food. So whatever your culinary needs you can rest assured that when it comes to the variety of food available to you, you’ll be spoilt for choice.