Is cutlery and crockery included in the final quote?

Although the flame inspired roasting method which is the spit roast dates back thousands of years, our species since then has evolved to accept, desire and need the use of cutlery in order to ingest food in a manner we deem both appropriate and successful in its completion. In some parts of the world cutlery is not used and many indigenous populations subsist without the need for modern machinery which is, in essence, what knives and forks constitute. Civilisation has, indeed, progressed forwards in many ways. Yet it is of interest to us that, at least as regards the hog roast, some methods that are traditional are still the best. Having had nearly two decades experience in the pursuit of culinary excellence via the hog and spit roast method, we have repetitively found that the flame roasted whole hog on the spit constitutes one of the finest flavours available today. Its an old method, but it’s the best.

As regards the crockery and cutlery at your chosen event, rest assured that we will provide all that you need. Our private party ‘Menu 1’ forms a great, relaxed an informal atmosphere where cutlery simply isn’t needed. Relax completely with good quality napkins which we provide and enjoy eating it with your fingers!

At the other end of our catering spectrum lies our ultra-comprehensive wedding menus. Featuring numerous services at various times of the day throughout your wedding hog roast catered event, our breadth of catering solutions has taken our former customers breaths away. Added to this, due to the exceptional scenario which is the wedding, where man and woman become emotionally conjoined in the eyes of god, the occasion befits class and prestige in every aspect. Due to this, our wedding menus feature sheer excellence in terms of cutlery, crockery and of course the food in general.

The crockery and cutlery we provide comes in various types. Naturally, at each event all will follow the same suit, in terms of quality, make and manufacturer, as uniformity looks as good as it ought to at a hog roast catered event, where our stylish grace in terms of service does justice to our food.

By utilising disposable crockery with some of our less formal menu options we also help to keep the costs to you, our customers, at an optimum low. After all, when booking or enquiring about one of our party menus, the last thing the majority of our customers wish to do is to eat pork rolls with apple sauce using a knife and a fork! Along with this, the fact that we don’t have to transport them all over the country as ell as clean them means that you simply don’t have to pay for things that just aren’t necessary.

For all your hog roast catering requirements you, as our current or future customers, ought to rest assured that everything, even down to the cutlery (if necessary) at your events will be taken care of in an orderly manner