What is the cost for a Hog Roast?

The cost for a comprehensive hog roast from us varies, and depends upon numerous factors which contribute to the price that is incurred to you, our customer.

As we offer a bespoke service and not something that is available directly ‘off a shelf,’ so to speak, we have no uniform price or standard charge that can be applied. Our foods have a broad range of cultural and subtle nuances. Our broad variety means that we truly are committed to the notion of personalisation; that when we take care of the catering, it is still your catered event as you have had the input and opportunity to make it truly your own.

The location plays a significant part as regards determining the overall and complete price that is to be paid by our customers. Initially, when The Spitting Pig Company was still but a mere fledgling in the world of catering, a world which was inhabited by lurking hawks, we spent hours driving the length and breadth of the country in order to meet the demands of our then relatively small customer base. As fuel prices back then were much less than they are today, we found this to be a reasonable situation, even though it was our customers who paid for this. Now, however, we adopt and utilise a different system. In a sense related to the governance methods of the Roman Empire (pre-collapse), we have numerous and strategically positioned depots spread all around the country, from the hills and valleys of Wales to the concrete-clad lanes of the cities. Not to suggest that the inhabitants of Britain are our subjects, we do however feel that when it comes to hog and spit roast catering, we came, we saw and we conquered.

Through this system of depots, we can effectively reach further by travelling less. Allowing for a degree of autonomy within each of our depots (in order to take advantage of local and seasonal produce, for example) helps our customers gain the Spitting Pig expertise and taste that they know and love, whilst also enjoying the fact that our chefs and engineers in our depots can bequeath the benefit of local knowledge. Due to high costs as regards fuel, this method of Spitting Pig Food Governance helps us to help you, now and always.

The size of a party or function also plays a pivotal role within the remit of accurate pricing. Larger functions don’t just denote the idea that more food will be needed, but that more staff will be required to service your guests. As a money saver, having a large hog roast party is a good solution; as a large hog or two will feed up to 500 people. Costs for extra staffing, however, may be incurred.

However, while our wedding catering food doesn’t come for free, it is a highly competitive solution to catering when contrasted against sit down meals undertaken by more traditional caterers. Each event is an individual, and through this each event will have its own cost. But it will also have our love infused into it, and will thus yield your smiles.