Can we provide our own pig?

Pigs come in various forms and sizes. Like humans, they exhibit qualities and individual aspects that make them individuals in their own right. Seeing as we adore our food and through that, accept that where it comes from has a direct bearing on the quality of taste, we completely understand that some of you would like to bring your own pig to an event. Or, alternatively, you may wish us to come and combine our expertise in the culinary world of preparation with your expertise as a rearer of fine quality animals. If, however, each of the above scenarios doesn’t apply as regards your reasoning behind bringing your own pig, then fear not, as we are very flexible when it comes to our customers wanting to use their own meat. After all, we’re committed to giving you the widest possible choice.

Our in house machine manufacturing situation means that we really can commit to providing you all with masses of choice, and not just choices in the field of menu options and service times. Through our hog roast machine production, we have created a comprehensive line of machines that reflect various capabilities and allow our customers with all types of budgets the chance to get stuck in and get involved. From the small yet powerful professional spit or hog roaster machine right through to the fully stainless steel powerhouse which is the Titan, our machines are sure to be able to roast any beast you wish to put inside them (within reason, of course!)

Over the years, we here at The Spitting Pig Company have catered for many people who have wished to have animals which they have reared themselves roasted in our machines, combined with our fabulous service options. Its been a real voyage of discovery for us, as many of the pigs and lambs have been very different from each other. Some animals have varying degrees of fat content along with other such structural variables. One thing remains the same throughout however, and that’s the fact that our spit roasting machines display an unquestionably superior method of cooking them when compared with conventional ovens or charcoal spit roasters. Our flame consistency backed up by a clean char-grilled finish has helped us to become the nation’s leader in the trade.

In terms of economy, there can be a saving when our customers opt to use their own meat. At larger gatherings however, it is often the costs we incur within preparation and other aspects of service which form the major component of the costs incurred to our customers. Thus, whilst we relish the opportunity to work with your creatures or cuts of your choice, we must take this opportunity to make you aware that overwhelming savings on your behalf are not necessarily linked tangibly to this course of action.

So by all means opt to have your own meat cooked by us, it sometimes aids further the connection between yourself and the food you will soon be tucking in to. Got meat? Bring it on!