Can I make changes to the sample menus?

Our sample menus constitute templates from which you can add and remove at your autocratic discretion. They are there to display a guideline through which you can enter the portal-like world of hog roast catering. Unlike other hog and spit roast catering providers, we have amassed a huge amount of experience, have an extensive and inspirational catering portfolio and have the manufacturing knowledge and experience which allows us to continually develop our menus, service options and salad and vegetable based accompaniments. Our commitment to choice for our customers has always been a pillar of our operating structure. Dedicated to providing a true culinary experience, we have many former customers who would happily profess to the accuracy of this statement.

We each have our own preferences, not just in the florid and tasty world of hog and spit roast catering, but also in the aspect of life in general. In our world of food that memories are made of, we understand that at the events of our customers, its our customers themselves that play the pivotal role as regards the exact food that they would like to eat. It could not be simpler to achieve either.

With a dedicated team that deals solely with formulating our menus on an individual basis with each customer, new and old, it really has never been easier for our customers to make the most out of our tailored menu service. Over the phone constitutes the easiest method; as here you can talk directly as you make your booking and converse with our excellent events team. Here, any input you wish to make will be welcomed and encouraged with open arms by our events organisation team.

On the other hand, however, you may wish to let us do all the organising and take care of the fine tuning of your event, then we are as equally happy to take care of this also.

Where our wedding catering menus do, indeed, constitute a template from which can be further enhanced or detracted from at your behest, they are also the products of careful thought and time consuming consideration. These menus allow for a large degree of enjoyment to be had and they reflect what many people enjoy consuming at their chosen event. ‘Party Menu 3,’ for example, reflects one of our most popular garden party and private party menus. Also, it constitutes a more modern approach as regards our corporate clients; as gone are the day when formality denoted absolute quality. With various meats available with potato options and numerous chefs own salads, it shows that quality in our food doesn’t have to be accompanied by over-excessive quantities of side dishes. Sometimes less is more when you regard the quality of food we consistently provide our customers with.

So at the end of the day, our customers should feel free to adapt our menus as much or as little as they like. We offer you complete control and in the same way we offer to do the controlling for you. Its your choice and we’re more than happy to go in either direction, or to meet you half way!