If I buy my own machine, am I restricted to cooking pig?

It can be very annoying if you if you invest in a piece of equipment or technology only to find that it is not quite as versatile as you had hoped. This applies to anything really, from software and computers to cameras and cars. So it can come as a real delight when you discover that sometimes you get even more than you bargained for. Now, no one is saying that a hog roast machine will allow you to take photographs or let you answer your emails whilst cooking but they really are one of the best examples of cooking versatility that you are likely to see.

The Spitting Pig team were very conscious of the fact that we wanted to make our machines superb pieces of kit. We had all experienced the older inferior machines that really were not up to the job, so we were determined to put that right. It is one of the main reasons why we decided to manufacturer our hog roast machines right here in the United Kingdom, in order that we could keep a close eye on every aspect of their production. It also meant that we could guarantee that these machines were superbly engineered. And when you get superb engineering, you can be creative!

We realised that these machines were going to be very attractive to two main groups, namely those in the professional catering or cooking world and those in the domestic market. We also realised that, although incredible value, these machines were a considerable investment so they need to offer as much as possible. So we made a point of making these machines supremely flexible. So what does that mean? Well, all of our machines are of course ideal for cooking pigs. It’s their prime reason for being designed and built but we understand that not everyone can or will enjoy eating hog roast meat. It also narrows the options for those in the catering profession who like to offer choice, so we made sure that our machines can cook a variety of meat.

You can easily substitute a pig for lamb or a side of beef and they will still cook beautifully. But we have a few other tricks up our sleeves. Our accessories and add on kits really do give you more options. take our BBQ kit for example. This really nifty add on transforms your machine into a full on BBQ cooking unit. It is perfect for cooking a whole variety of BBQ foods including kebabs, sausages and burgers. Just imagine how handy that could be? Or what about our stunning Chicken Spit which is quite amazing as it allows you to cook up thirty six large chickens at a time. You can cook less of course and this means you can cook other meat at the same time. So if you were worried about being stuck with pig in your machine, think again. This hog roast machine really is a meat cooking all rounder if ever there was one.