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Welcome to hog roast Chippenham. Here at Hog Roast Devizes we provide top quality food and service for the county of Wiltshire. There are plenty of things to do in Wiltshire and with the festive season fast approaching Christmas parties are on everyone’s mind. Traditionally Christmas is one the busiest times of the year for hog roast Marlsborough and other catering companies and we are no exception. One place that really gets into the Christmas spirit is hog roast Salisbury, a small market town in Wiltshire. Hog roast Swindon hosts a Winter Festival every year and this year it takes place on the 26th November. It is one of the most popular Christmas festivals in Wiltshire and includes things such as a traditional lantern parade, a food and drink market, a marching band, street entertainment and a visit from Father Christmas himself. It is a lovely celebration of Christmas for all the family.

We service the following areas in Wiltshire – Chippenham, Devizes, Marlsborough, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge

Year Round Hog Roasts – All Occasionstopright

Here at Hog Roast Trowbridge we love Christmas and feel that the hog roast in Swindon Winter Festival could be the perfect place to expand or set up your own hog roast market stall. The food and drink market here would be the perfect platform on which to build a new catering business for yourself especially for a hog roast in Trowbridge. We offer a variety of different services and machine hire is one them. Hiring one of our machines is the quick, easy and affordable way to trial your new hog roast adventure and provide delicious food for all of the festival goers. Our machines are available to rent for a week at a time and are perfect for all occasions for a hog roast in Salisbury. Especially for a cold winters night when hundreds of families need feeding. Our machines allow you to cook whatever kind of meat you want and serve it however you like. One of our most popular ways of serving a mouth watering hog roast is in a fresh bread roll with traditional apple sauce. This is the perfect Christmas and winter comfort food ad is ideal for the food and drink market for a hog roast in Chippenham.

The food that our machines cook is absolutely delicious. Whether it is turkey, pork or beef the end product is always the same; succulent, melt in the mouth meat perfect for a hog roast in Devizes. Along with providing delicious food our top of the range machines also provide great festive theatrics. The sight and smell of a hog roast cooking is an unrivalled dining experience like no other and will have all your customers liking their lips even before they have tasted the food. What looks more than appetising and festive than a joint of meat slowly cooking on a spit roast and being carved ready to eat? The way in which our machines cook your choice of meat and look will set you out from the crowd at any festival. The smell is overpowering and we guarantee people will be coming back for second helpings.

Easy To Use Hog Roast Machines

One of the most impressive things about our machines is the fact that they are so easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional chef to be able to effectively operate our machines. You, just like one of our trained chefs, will be able to cook a variety of meats to perfection on any of machines. They all come with full instructions so all you need to do is follow them and you can’t go wrong. If you do happen to encounter any problems then we leave you with the contact details of one of chefs who know these machines inside out. Also to make your life easier we deliver and collect your machine anywhere in the county for you. All we ask of you is that the machine is clean after you have finished with it. Here at Hog Roast Event Catering we also understand that our machines need to be affordable. The price for hiring a top of the range machine, including delivery and collection is £250 per event. This is a very affordable price considering that our machines are the best in the business.

If you are looking to spread some festive cheer across the county then come to us. We provide you with excellent machines that cook the perfect Christmas food for all the family. After you have hired our machines once you’ll want to buy on a permanent basis to use for all occasions. Start your own hog roast business today and get in touch with us via email or telephone. We are more than happy to give you a helping hand.

Hugely Popular Catering Services…

Having a hog or a spit roast in the fantastic region of Wiltshire is fast becoming one of the most popular means and methods of event catering. Indeed, from the pastures of Hog Roast Chippenham, through to places in Wiltshire where having a Hog Roast in Devizes – our services are quickly becoming the most popular method of catering for your guests and clients.

First and foremost in our world of event catering is the fact that all of our menus revolve around the fantastic, ancient and classic method of meat roasting and preparation; the hog roast. We are firm believers that there is no finer way of roasting meat in the whole world – and it is a view shared by many and disputed by few. Despite the seeming approval of such as stance as regards the brilliance of the hog and spit roasting method, there are still many people who don’t opt for our way of catering at their events. Of course, this is their choice – however our methods allow us to offer food which is of a standard that event the top restaurants in the land couldn’t touch, even in Hog Roast Marlsborough. So when it comes to booking in your next event or Hog Roast In Salisbury, you should go for us if you want a dining experience which will stun both you and your guests.

Professional Hog Roast Service

Our services allow for the food we create to reach its natural fruition in a manner which is both loyal to our ethos as well as to a method which produces the best flavour. In a world where everything is fast paced (our friends who work in the busy Hog Roast Swindon will now what we’re talking about!), we believe that leisure and quality time ought to be thoroughly and truly maximised. After all, when our working lives demand so much of us, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves fully when we have a Hog Roast in Trowbridge? Believing that the best things in life are seldom those that are rushed, our catering services facilitate the slow roasting of whole meats on our fabulous spit and hog roasting machines. Each of our catering teams comes fully equipped for each and every event – easily capable of handling the rigours of catering through our vast experience in this most illustrious of trades. By roasting the meats slowly over live flames, we allow our customers to truly get involved in the whole process. Being able to watch the hog as it roasts towards a delightful golden colour is just one of the aspects which our clients love from – from Hog Roast Chippenham to the lesser inhabited places within Wiltshire.

As the hog roasts, our fully qualified, trained and skilled chefs prepare all of the other Surrey - saladsdishes which make up the menu. Just like we roast all of our whole carcasses from scratch, so too do we create and craft all of the vegetable, salad and periphery dishes on our menus. By doing this in front of our clients and guests, not only do we underline our steadfast commitment to freshness, but also allow for our clients to have the most indulgent and high class food at their Hog Roast in Devizes. Along with the great visual spectacle which a slowly turning hog and spit roast brings to the atmosphere of any event – there are other aspects which truly help to create an experience which involves all of the bodily senses. The roasting meat gives off a beautiful aroma which gently percolates through a venue – giving a real sense of anticipation. The smell truly has to be smelled to be believed! When the meat is lifted into the carving position, it always looks spectacular and the sound of the crispy crackling as this is removed and prepared is one which can get the taste buds of the hardiest food critics flowing. And of course when the meat is tasted along with all of our other menu ingredients and options it form a wonderful concerto of flavour – awesome for those summer parties in Hog Roast Salisbury.

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So when it comes to arranging the catering for your next event, why choose anything less? By utilising whole meats we keep costs low, yet our standards are always exceptionally high – every time! By booking with us for your event at Hog Roast In Swindon for example, You not only guarantee great food for you and your guests, but also a thrilling spectacle which won’t be forgotten.