Hog Roast London

In far more ways than the purely technical, hog roast London is the beating heart and cultural core of the nation of Britain. From this point on the atlas, the history of the modern world may be easily charted. From the very beginnings in learning and academia, through to the initial forays into the world of international commerce – London has been at the centre of it all. Situated close enough to the English Channel to make prosperous trade easy, whilst also sat deep enough within the Thames Estuary to ensure a good deal of safety on behalf of the Royal Navy, hog roast London was at the very epicentre of mechanised trade. Indeed, London is the capital of the nation which pioneered industry, as Britain was the first industrialised nation on the planet. Food has been an inexplicable link in the history of the prosperity of those who dwell within the bounds of the metropolitan region of London.

We service the following areas in London Area in London we offer hog roast catering services too – Bromley, Uxbridge, Fulham, Harrow, Twickenham

Exceptional Hog Roast Servicetopright

As the regions premier hog roast Fulham and spit roasting provider, we offer our clients across the whole of the city of London a great and affordable way to indulge in food which is not only exceptional, but also affordable, particularly for hog roast in Fulham. Our hog roast London event catering has gone from strength to strength – as people simply love hog and spit roasted meat, roasted slowly and served straight onto plates. As an extension to the oyster tale and the poor of London, the hog and spit roast was once a very primitive way of eating meat. Nowadays, however, as a society we are continually in a rush – with expectations ever higher on the working population. That is why, at the events which we cater for, we take all the stress out of the situation. By arriving at your venue numerous hours before your service time, we prepare and roast our whole carcasses from the raw state, or ‘from scratch.’ Unlike many other hog and spit roast providers, our events in Hog Roast Bromley, for example, are always acquitted with utmost precision, resulting in food which is sensational. This is the case with all of our hog and spit roast events in any London location, in Hog Roast Uxbridge and hog roast Harrow too! By always utilising the very best in terms of produce, we can roast from the raw state with confidence, proud to show our clients the nature of the produce we use.

As well as this, the client can see the whole roasting process – a great sight for clients and their guests as the hog turns towards its golden finished state particulary for hog roasts in harrow. So much more than a delight for the tastebuds, however, our events involve a thoroughly sensory experience. As the hog roasts, the sights are great. Along with this, however, is the great smell and aroma which surrounds the venue – the smell of a well prepared and seasoned hog roasting slowly. As the meat roasts and turns, the juices slowly flow from the whole carcass – basting the meat continually. As the carcass turns, these juices are reabsorbed, allowing this process to happen continually, resulting in meat which simply melts in the mouth. In addition to this, the sounds of our gorgeous crackling being prepared adds the final icing on the cake when it comes to generating expectation within the body of the guests of our clients. So far beyind more standardised forms of event catering, our hog and spit roast events provide people with a thrilling dining experience, an experience which is seldom forgotten and for all the right reasons. So if you want that Hog Roast in Bromley – or whether you’re wanting to get youre wedding catering sorted with a Hog Roast in Uxbridge, our services are sure to provide you with hog and spit roasted event catering that is impeccable.

Tailored Approach…

Along with sensational food, we believe in offering our clients the very best in service too for hog roast in Twickenham. By offering a comprehensive client centred approach, we ensure that all the stresses are removed for our clients as regards the catering at their chosen events. From the very first phone call or email which we receive, through to the parting hand-shake following your event catering – we always strive to make it a thoroughly enjoyable and stress-free experience for our varied and large client base. So give us a call or send us an email in order to receive hog and spit roast event catering of distinction.

Hog Roast Events – Corporate Functions And More

Surrey - pig21London is a fantastic place to live and work, its vibrant, its diverse and most importantly it’s exciting. Because London is home to a wide range of businesses from large multinational to small sole traders the corporate events that take place in the city are numerous and varied. Over the years hog roast Bromley has been extremely fortunate to have catered at some truly fantastic corporate functions, these include a hog roast in Uxbridge for a very large logistics company and a hog roast in Fulham for a multinational banking corporation. It’s because Spitting Pig is the first name in hog roasts and that we are industry pioneers that we are the only choice to trust with regards to hog roast catering for corporate events. We understand the attention to detail that is needed for large events, often they are a chance to say thank you to staff, impress clients and generally have a good time and we produce a standard of catering that reflect that. Just take a look at our corporate packages that we have designed specifically for businesses entertaining and you’ll begin to discover the full range of catering that we can create.

Menu Options …

For a recent hog roast Harrow we created a menu 5 one of our more extravagant menu options. With the corporate hospitality menu 5 you get the full package, this includes a selection of 6 canapĂ©s chosen from our extensive list all freshly prepared on site and served by our Spitting Pig waiting teams as the guests arrive. There are lots of different canapĂ© options form the traditional and fan favourite, handmade gourmet sausage served with a whole grain mustard dip to the oriental Peking duck wraps roasted in a honey and mustard glaze wrapped in pancakes. We also offer our customers the chance to add any of their own creation thus giving you the opportunity to complete personalise the menu to your liking. Menu 5, whether it’s a hog roast in Twickenham or even a celebratory hog roast Bromley offers the choice of starter, choose favourites such as homemade soup served with freshly baked bread, or our smoked salmon dish which is truly irresistible. And of course Spitting Pig wouldn’t be Spitting Pig without the centrepiece of a full roasted pig cooked in one of our own custom built machines. Menu 5 also comes with a second meat choice, which includes lamb, beef, chicken or turkey, so your guest will truly be spoilt for choice. The main meals is accompanied a vast array of salads, seasonal vegetable, freshly baked bread rolls and we can even provide a full vegetarian option should any of your guests require. We can also caterer for any guests with dietary requirements and we breadalso prepare these meals fresh and on site using only the finest ingredient as we believe that everyone should be able taste the Spitting Pig experience. We finished this sumptuous menu off with a choice of 2 deserts that include options such as chocolate torte, sticky toffee pudding and the classic summer pudding. These are served with tea and coffee all to the table by our Spitting Pig waiting team.

We here at hog roast Uxbridge take care of everything whether it’s a small hog roast in Fulham or something a little bigger like the menu 5 described earlier. On every event we ensure that we cook everything fresh on site and use locally sourced and ethical ingredients to the best of our knowledge. We bring everything with us for any eventually, and only ask that you supply use with an electrical supply and a clean water source. Finally after every event we do a full clean up, leave discreetly allowing you to enjoy the rest of the day. So for your next hog roast Harrow make sure you give the professionals a call on 0800 5875899. We also can provide a personalised quote via email, just click on the contact us link and fill in the enquiry form, just by taking a few details about the event we can send out over a few of our menus with the various prices attached. Don’t worry if you need to make any changes to your hog roast Tickenham, once we have secured a booking we but you directly in touch with the Spitting Pig chef attending your event so you can discuss any of the detail direct, it couldn’t be easier.

Hog Roasts Across London

Think of the capital and we all think of the usual list of landmarks, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and St Pauls, but are we being a little bit narrow minded in our vision of London. After all, when we talk about the millions of people who love in the capital, they do not all live in the centre of course. London is actually quite a sprawling place the emerges from all directions from the capital that we are all familiar with. The districts of London are far and wide, taking in many areas and millions of people, so London is perhaps a more complex area than you may have first thought.

There are certainly a lot of people in this extended family of a city and it is safe to assume that many of them try to avoid the tourist infested centre where possible. In fact there really is no seasonally quiet time for London. It really is a city that does not sleep. You could say it has been this way for centuries. Something else that has stood the test of time alongside London is hog roast. In fact it may well be the case that a hog roast in London event could be one of the very oldest examples of a catering solution in the UK. You may wonder why but when you read into the history of the capital then you are very likely to hear references of hog roast all the time. In fact Shakespeare himself may have indulged in some fine roast hog.

Northamptonshire - salad1The remnants of London’s ancient history is there for all to see. Many of the capitals public houses probably still bear the marks of the hog roast London era and many may even be named after hogs or boars. Indeed, a particular size of barrel for beer is called a hogshead! The chances are that many of those were rolled around the cobbled streets in Shakespeare’s time. In fact close your eyes and you can almost picture the scene in a London pub with hog roast being served for the regulars. The reality was in all likelihood far different. Hog roast would have been enjoyed by those with a few more shillings to rub together than the mere mortals to be found in the pubs.

Of course, things are different in twenty first century London. In fact many of the people in and outside the capital may well have enjoyed a taste of finely cooked hog roast in a London pub or at a corporate event in the capital. It just goes to show that whilst a quality catering solution is still around, it can now be enjoyed by people regardless of whether they are one of the capital’s rich characters or not.