Hog Roast Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire stands as one of the great places to visit in Britain on behalf of the tourist. Although the county and cermonial region of Hertfordshire is by no means the largest of the many counties which make up the patchwork quilt of territorial Britain, it is by no means lacking in diversity. This diversity manifest itself in some of the most varied terrain within the British Isles, as well as population fluctuations which illustrate the urban versus rural in its most potent terms. A highly successful place in relation to the majority of other British regions, Hertfordshire houses some of the highest average wages. In towns such as Hog Roast Hemel Hempstead, many world leading engineering firms compete – great for the region and great for us, as our hog and spit roasting machines spearhead the innovation in technological advancement in the culinary field. So if its a Hog Roast in Hemel Hempstead that you wish to have – you have come to the right place – as with anywhere in the region, as our hog and spit roasted services provide the whole region and county of Hertfordshire with sensational food carved straight onto your plate – especially in Hog Roast Hertford itself!

We service the following areas in Hertfordshire – Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Hitchin, St Albans, Stevenage, Ware, Watford

Hog Roast Cuisine Optionssalad set up

Our vast, varied and eclectic range of freshly prepared hog and spit roast cuisine is split into three distinct categories. In terms of menu options, this makes it easy for you, our clients, to view them more easily. These menu options, which are viewable on our website, are grouped into the three following categories; Private Party Catering, Corporate Hospitality Catering and Wedding Catering. Although all of menus can be tailored to any extent by our clients, these menus form the ideal back bone from which you can add or subtract items at your discretion. As a comprehensively bespoke hog and spit roast caterer, it fits naturally that our menus should be infinitely adjustable – and this is most certainly the case – great for a Hog Roast in Hertford or a Hog Roast in Hitchin! Although we love to provide our fantastic hog and spit roasted food in areas such as Hog Roast Hitchin, we also provide our comprehensive hog and spit roast services across the whole of the Hertfordshire region, in places such as Hog Roast St Albans (for those of you who require a Hog Roast in St Albans), or in Hog Roast Stevenage – brilliant for those who require bespoke hog and spit roast services and a Hog Roast in Stevenage – the list of places goes on!

Range Of Menus

Our private party and function catering features some of the most popular menus which we serve throughout the year at the homes and venues of our clients. The flexibility and versatility of a hog or spit roasted event with us cannot be overestimated – and the summer garden party is one of the finest expressions of this. By relaxing with a beer, friends and family, our clients have had some exceptional quality time – all to the backdrop of a roasting hog, turning happily beneath the sun. When our freshly roasted hog is carved and eaten with a beer and accompanied by laughter its a fantastic combination; indeed, life doesn’t get much better. Along with our relatively simple menus, the private function menus go on to become more and more intricate, with some menus featuring canapes and varied servings of various meats based on the requirements of the client. By offering informal through to the very formal, our Private function menus offer something for everyone – and are a great way to appreciate the brilliance of a hog roast with us in the comfort of your own garden or venue – so for stunning food in Hog Roast Ware, why wait?

Corporate Functions And More…

canapeAlong with Private Function catering is our celebrated Corporate Hospitality Catering. Irrespective of whether you’re having a Hog Roast in Ware or whether you are indulging in Hog Roast Watford, the hog roast has the beauty of being native to all. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you’re British or Thai, Indian or Austrian – the hog roast pre-dates all national boundaries. Therefore, at your next corporate event, why not give people food which they will all love, as well as food that drives conversation through its theatrical nature. Lastly but by certainly no means leastly is our Wedding Catering. The menus housed within this part of our service portfolio showcases the very finest food which we create – along with the very best in terms of service. We know just how important the big day is – which is why our food has helped to create brilliant memories – so much more than just a Hog Roast in Watford. So for all your catering needs, our services form the forefront of modern culinary skill combined with classic and traditional flame roasting.

The secret – which won’t be a secret for long because we’re giving it away! – to a splendid hog roast town is using good ingredients to make good food. Which ingredients we choose to use or not use is serious and we have a rigorous set of standards we cater by. The wholesome pleasure of a hog roast in town isn’t possible without fresh top quality produce.

Fresh Produce – Excellent Results

But ingredients are ingredients and there’s a lot more that goes in than just having a strict produce policy. We’re only able to get the absolute best from the ingredients through our hog roast equipment, and the machines we use for a hog roast in town are without an equal. We put a great deal of weight, mentally and financially, in the magnitude of good equipment, because it’s no good having local produce bought fresh if you don’t have the tools to make the most of it – and you can’t challenge the superior class of the machines used by the Spitting Pig company. What makes our machines so good? Well, we make our own for a start! And the reason we began on our manufacturing venture is quite a clear cut one: The machines we’d been using, the best on the market (supposedly), just weren’t up to the grand standards we have. To become the most sought after caterer in saladsHertfordshire we had to take drastic action and build from scratch new, better hog roast machines for our hog roast town catering. As it stands now we’ve got an endless supply of fruitful hog roast machines that come in all different shapes and sizes, calculated and crafted to get the best from different menus and different sized events. When we cook the unbelievable ingredients we source now for a hog roast town, they taste better than they ever did with the old machines we used, and we can cook more of it, in less time than it ever used to take us – And it tastes so good you’d think we were lacing everything with flavour enhancing chemical mumbo jumbo or that we’d discovered the secret to culinary wizardry! But there’s nothing occultist in what we do, we just abide by fundamental catering principals and have an extra-ordinary ability to make good food for your hog roast in town.

Our Hog Roast Machines

And the machines have elevated us from being a caterer that can make a great pig roast, to a caterer that can make a great pig roast and hundreds of other great dishes to boot! Because we adapted the machines and in the design process so potential to make the hog roast machine a jack of all trades, what we did was to build a grill into the machine, underneath the spit roast compartment. But far from being just a spit roast machine with the capacity to grill, the grill area can also be used to cook pans of food, which has opened up a whole new world of grilling, steaming, frying and boiling food for our hog roast town. For your event we can cook meals with many courses from soups to salads and puddings, and we can also cook blockbuster barbecues with spit roasted food and lots of grilled classics. The machines give us another few feet of string to our hog roasting bow. Hog roast in town is truly the greatest way to have good food at an event in 2012 and the good food is made all the more memorable for the service that comes with it. Spitting Pig is home to chefs and waiters who are unusually talented and their gift for top drawer service and food is just another reason amongst so many others to have a hog roast town. It takes some effort to go past Spitting Pig Hertfordshire for inborn quality and the only way you could find something as good as our catering is if you found our hog roast machine do-it-yourself service.

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In the summer months when barbecue season rolls round one of the best additions to a barbecue with your friends is a spit roast machine for your hog roast town. And ours are extremely formidable machines that are available with spit roast attachments to spit roast more than pigs, and a grill to barbecue those favourites like burgers, sausages, kebabs and chicken wings. Contact us now.