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The ancient and culturally well versed county of Durham is certainly no stranger when it comes to British history. Situated high up on the north-eastern coast of England, Durham holds one of the most politically eclectic and culturally diverse populations in the whole of Great Britain. Having had the pleasure of catering here for many years now, we are sure that there is no greater place to have a hog roast catered event than here in the lovely ceremonial county of Durham. Hog Roast Durham is truly a magnificent way of having an exceptional Hog Roast in Durham – allowing the many people who both live here and visit this part of the world as tourists to enjoy real quality time in an ancient hub of history within the nation. Where many food and culinary commentators used to criticise the more provincial areas of the United Kingdom for being ‘behind’ when it came to providing excellent food, the region of Durham and places such as Hog Roast Hartlepool have strongly hit back the stereotype. Gladly, we are at the very forefront of this culinary evolution – as now areas such as the glorious north-east are firmly on Britains culinary map.

By offering exceptional food at great prices, we have brought restaurant humbling food firmly onto the plates of the masses; and why not? Just as with the finest cuisine in Tuscany, as with great food in Provence – it is often the food that the common folk eat throughout history that becomes the best cuisine today (there is no greater example of this than oysters – which used to be a food of the peasantry in the 1700’s). Thus, having a Hog Roast in Hartlepool is an exercise in eating the food that our ancestors would have eaten many hundreds of years ago. And this is, in truth, where the beauty and mystique of having a hog roast event really comes into its own. Although more standard forms of catering can and do provide great food (although in this part of the world seated catering is terribly expensive and at best mediocre in terms of quality and enjoyment), there is simply no comparison to culinary dram and theater which the hog and spit roast provides when we conduct event catering – nothing even close. Having a Hog Roast in Hartlepool with us then for example, is so much more than just the quality of taste (although this is unbeatable too).

We cover the following areas in Durham – Durham, Hartlepool

Hog Roast – Delivering Excellencesalad set up

In today’s age, the quality of food and culinary based expectation is much higher than ever across the whole of the British population – and quite right too. Back in the 1970’s, we were noted by our European counterparts as being backward when it came to food – however now this is not the case – quite the opposite in fact. With more cheese varieties than the French and better quality meats and fish than the whole of Europe – we are now looked upon with envious eyes from across the channel – especially when it comes to Hog Roast Durham and other provincial areas. This is due mainly to the quality of our produce in the rural areas which are so close to this part of the world, as well as the great attention to detail which we bring to every event which we have the pleasure of catering at. A Hog Roast in Durham is something to be truly savoured and enjoyed – and our countless hog and spit roasted events have always gone down an absolute treat – not just in well known places such as Hog Roast Hartlepool! However, if you do wish to have a Hog Roast in Hartlepool this is no problem, as some of our most memorable hog roast based experiences have happened in this great part of the county.

By sticking to a few basic but solid rules, we have rapidly outstripped and out-roasted all of our competition in this sector of the catering industry. By always using the very highest quality meats, we ensure that quality and great flavour is instilled from the very outset. By preparing all of our foods and meats with skill and precision, we perpetually deliver the very best in terms of crackling and moist meat – which we carve straight onto the plates of our treasured customers and clients. So if you’re looking to have a catered event in the county of Durham, treat yourself to exceptional food at even better prices – you won’t regret it.

The Menu – Catering To Your Tastes

In spite of the tremendous and hurried growth of Spitting Pig Durham we’ve stuck to the principles that our hog roast Durham was originally founded on. The business philosophy we started with has been retained despite all of our expansion and our hog roast catering is as personal and unique a service as it ever was. A hog roast in Hartlepool is sheer brilliance and that goes for all the events we’ve catered at, even the more challenging events with enormous droves of hungry people. When you have a hog roast Durham there’s menus in abundance, choice is never scarce and you can pick from loads of meal options. The set menus are littered with options at every turn so that in effect no menu is the same as the next because you’re constructing your own menu to your own liking.

bread and dishesWe categorise the menus for better usability to make it as easy for you as it can be. The categories that we have are party menus, corporate menus and wedding menus. So if you’re searching for a caterer for your wedding then you can take a look at the wedding menu options, because we’ve shaped the menus to be the best option for a hog roast in Hartlepool at a wedding. And the same goes for the corporate menus and party menus; they’re streamlined to be best at corporate events and parties. In the specific categories there are different specific menus that we hope you’ll find ideal for your detailed hog roast Durham.

The menus all have great dishes for a hog roast in Hartlepool – The selling point of the menus and the reason you want hog roast catering at your event are the delectable spit roast options: Chicken; Beef, Lamb; Pig and Turkey are the spit roasts that have made us the preferred hog roaster in Durham. These are cooked so carefully and heartily, we pour passion into the hog roast process and the outcome of that is welcoming, exceptionally scrumptious spit roasts that are loved by all.

As you progress down the menu list you’ll discover that each menu is bigger and more impressive than the last, with more dishes and infinitely more selections to make. The advanced menus have as well as spit roasts, desserts, salads, potato options, canapés and soups. You can guess that these menus are well demanded for plush events, especially weddings and corporate functions.

You can even have your own spit roast that isn’t in our set menu. All you need to do is speak to one of our staff members and ask if a different animal or special breed can be spit roasted, more often than not we can spit roast anything. Because we designed and created attachments to the machines that can handle all types of animals. Pheasant and Rabbit are good choices, and kangaroo meat is very popular amongst expat Australians.

Hog Roast Extrasdessert 3

Bespoke spit roasts isn’t all that we can make for your party, we can also provide bespoke canapés, salads, soups, desserts and other foods. The best thing you can do if you want something exciting or are having a theme party is to have a chat with our office workers. There are limits on our set menus but that doesn’t mean there’s limits on what we can do, if there’s something you want adding to a menu or if you want to substitute a meal with a family recipe or favourite we’re able to do that for you to make your hog roast in Durham better.

We cook exceptionally tasty hog roasts with a quality that’s distinctive; the fact the hog roasts are great value money wise is just an added incentive to give a hog roast a go. The great hog roasted food is served in great quantity, we’re very liberal with our servings because we realise good food isn’t good unless there’s enough of it to fill your guests and leave you satisfied.

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