Hog Roast Berkshire – Bracknell, Luton, Newbury, Reading, Windsor, Slough

Berkshire is one of those places which you enter and feel immediately good about. Back many decades ago when we first arrived within the agriculturally brilliant region and county of Berkshire, we felt instantly at home. For many reasons in many different areas of life, the brilliance of Berkshire has allowed us to grow into one of the region’s leading caterers – centring on providing our broad and expansive client base with food which is tantalising and great value as well. Hog Roast Bracknell and other such prolific areas such as Hog Roast Reading of special interest in Berkshire have great climates – allowing for summer garden parties to take full advantage of our exquisite catering – no matter what the occasion – particularly good in Hog Roast Luton too.

We cover the following areas in Berkshire – Bracknell, Luton, Newbury, Reading, Windsor, Slough

Hog Roasts In Any LocationSpitting Pig Catering

When we embarked upon our hog and spit roast catering operations in Hog Roast Windsor, it was very clear that the standard of event catering in the region as well as the country as a whole, was of a very low standard indeed. Across in continental Europe, for example, the people and inhabitants would not accept such low quality – however Britain seemed to be happy with mediocrity at best. Luckily for us, we weren’t. By freely acknowledging that the method of spit roasting meat was the best way to create flavour, we ensured that every event which we catered at had a spit roast at its core, especially in Hog Roast Slough. Initially very difficult, we had many problems to overcome before we were able to easily transport and use our now famous hog and spit roasting machines to any venue in the region – even a Hog Roast in Bracknell and a Hog Roast in Luton was difficult to accomplish at the very beginning! Now, our machinery and state of the art equipment allows us to hog and spit roast our large range of meats in any location – anywhere in the Berkshire county for example Hog Roast in Reading.

Our Hog Roast Success

The catering industry is in a highly competitive place indeed – yet our staunch commitment to a certain set of values has allowed us to grow and grow. Whereas many other hog and spit roast companies have collapsed through taking short-cuts in areas such as produce and staffing, we have grown through going the extra mile – especially in the produce which we use and those whom we employ. Our staff are all avid hog and spit roasters – even those who do not roast on site at our client’s events. This way, whenever a client or one of their guests asks one of our staff a question, they are given an answer which is both informative and relevant. Along with this, having a staff that love what they do is manifested in food which tastes stunning and looks great too. By having a passion for hog roasting, especially Hog Roast in Windsor we have enjoyed the ability to be able to cater for more and more people year on year, as our company continues to grow in both its catering capacity and commercial success – a far cry from early days in Hog Roast Newbury!

Renowned Hog Roast Service…

Our renowned service kicks off from the minute you get in touch with our company – either through the phone or via our easy to use web-form system and set up. Believing that none of our clients should have any stress when it comes to planning and arranging the catering at their chosen event. Therefore, when our clients converse and interact with us, it is always the case that we handle their catering organisation with precision and skill – as well as a very friendly service indeed. For that great Hog Roast in Newbury, or wherever you wish to have an exquisite roast in Berkshire, it is very easy to navigate our menus in order to find the one which best suits your desired style. All of our menus are fully customisable and can be changed to any extent; however they form a favourable template from which you can add or subtract to your heart’s delight.

By opting to go with us at your next event, you are making a choice which will provide you and your guests with food that is simply incomparable to any other caterer out there. By utlising the very best flame roasters, we slowly roast whole meats to a gorgeous result – allowing for people in Berkshire to taste food which is truly off the chart – believe us, we are the envy of top restaurants. So why not give us a call or drop us an email – it really is that easy to have the best food ever at your Hog Roast in Slough.

Hog Roast Catering For Any Event

Being the regions finest hog roaster has come with its benefits, a great benefit for us on every new day is that nothing is ever truly the same. The difference from one wedding to the next, for example, is notable, in style, menu and even mood. But the difference between a wedding and a party, or a party and a fundraising event, these are much greater. The reason this is a benefit to us is not just because all events are good fun, the wide array of events actually help to keep us on our toes. It helps prevent us from falling into routine and keep our wits about us, because doing the exact same thing – no matter how good – over and over again can become boring. But we’re never bored because we serve so many different people with different personalities and interests, and all the hog roast Bracknell events vary in some way, be it menu, location or even the reason the event is being held in the first place! We believe this is important to not justice us, it’s also important to your guests. You won’t find our staff bored or unhappy when catering, it’s our bread and butter and it shows.

So, just what is it about hog roast Luton that distinguishes us and has made us the best for a hog roast in Newbury?

Vision: Thinking ahead is an important element of the Spitting Pig culture that’s rewarded us in many ways. Unquestionably the best reward has come on the technological front, we blueprinted and designed – investing a lot of money in the process – new hog roast machines that are leaner and meaner than ever before. Currently every machintoprighte that we use at hog roast events is made by us in a dedicated hog roast factory. When others told us it couldn’t be done it only made us more driven to show that it actually could be!

Hunger: Unlike your guests, the staff here has a non-curable hunger – Hunger to be the best at what they do and most importantly of all to enjoy it too. Our hog roast in Reading is as inspiring as it is because from the very first day we’ve aimed high. We dared to dream and rather than aspiring to be the best hog roast caterer in town, or the best caterer in town, we aimed to be the best caterer in the whole country. That’s why our catering is not just impressive compared to other Berkshire caterers, its great comparative to all caterers in the UK.

Adaptability: Nobody really wants to make compromise on their catering, but with our hog roast Windsor you’ll never have to! You’ll realise this when you visit the menu page to pick out a hog roast menu for your hog roast in Slough. We’ve constructed a selection of menus that provide you with fresh, vibrant and colourful food for your event type, no matter what it is. Superb food is our staple and with so much of it to choose from there’s a menu for everybody. Clients can’t get enough of the bounty of menus to be had at their events. Never mind catering for Christmas, you’ll think that Christmas came early when you mull over your menu options and find everything we can do at every type of event. We haven’t moved onto apps quite yet, but if you’re organising a wedding, party or a corporate event then we’ve got a menu for that!

Enjoy A Professional Hog Roast Experience

We can cook a hog roast, a chicken roast, turkey roast and even a shoulder of beef roast. Each roast comes with special seasoning and sauce, tailored for improved taste for that specific roast. The hog roast in Bracknell also comes with the always-amazing crackling; the crispy crackling is a crowd favourite at every event. All of these roasts can be had by themselves with bread rolls or they can be had as part of bigger menus. The bigger menus have a great deal more choice for your event with everything from canap├ęs to puddings for your party, wedding or corporate event. We know that you’ll love the menus and all the options that come with them, but we also know that you might want to make other little changes to the menu to make it just right, and we can help do that for you on request. Divine.

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