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Hog Roast Kidderminster

Do you like animals? Of course you do, and there are few places better to see animals than at a safari park. There are quite a few safari parks in the UK but I think that are few that can equal the brilliance of West Midland Safari Park in Kidderminster. This park has a great selection of over six hundred wild animals and is particularly noted for is Britain’s first pride of white lions! Certainly with a trip if you love your wild animals.

Kidderminster in Worcestershire itself is a busy town of over 55,000 people and is perhaps best known for quality carpet production. There will be many a quality woven carpet in houses throughout the UK and indeed throughout the world that were produced right here.

With population quite large for a town, it is no surprise to learn that the people of this Worcestershire town have a keen interest in great food, especially great food for catering and events. This is an aspect of catering that many people tend to forget about as they are too bothered about the entertainment and other business that goes into putting together a great event. The food of course is a crucial part of making any event a memorable experience and one that people look back on fondly rather than with bad memories. Food is something that really can leave a bad taste in the mouth, quite literally so it is something that you really do need to get just right. Thankfully the people of this Worcestershire town are following the general UK trend in catering and employing the services of someone who not only knows what they are doing but believes in great food. We are of course talking about the hog roast Kidderminster caterer.

When I mentioned that the people here were following something of a UK trend, I really meant just that. Over the last ten or fifteen years, something quite remarkable has been happening at events of all kinds up and down the country. Remember that that many of these events would have been served by catering that consisted of chicken in a basket, sandwiches or other distinctly average catering options that were not likely to set the world alight. They did what was required, but nobody was going to write any glowing reports about the amazing cheese and ham rolls that they enjoyed at last night’s party. That seems to have all changed now though. The hog roast hire Kidderminster caterer has brought a whole new level of quality to the world of catering and it is what the many events in these parts have been crying out for all these years; good wholesome quality cooking that puts a smile on people’s faces!

So what is so special about roasted pig compared to other catering solutions? It may not be obvious until you actually get stuck in and taste hog roast for yourself. Only then will you get the full effect. It is easy to wax lyrical about roasted meat but this is one example where the hype is somewhat justified. The incredible tasting meat that can be cooked up by the hog roast Kidderminster caterer is likely to blow away anything that you may have tasted at an event or party in the past, it is going to be that good. In fact the great taste may not be the first thing that hits you. That is likely to be the incredible aroma that really does assault your senses and gives them a really good slap! The amazing aromas are representative of everything that is wonderful about a roast meal. But it is the taste that you get when you first take a bit of roasted pig meat that really is the clincher. The hog roast hire Kidderminster caterer certainly knows how to get the best out of every pig that they roasts, delivering mouthful after mouthful of incredible tasting meat together with supreme tasting crackling that tastes amazing. Everyone loves crackling and this will be quite simply the best example of crackling that you will have ever had. Remember, you could have chosen sandwiches for your catering but instead you have treated yourself and your guests to one of the best catering options available, and they will thank you for it. We don’t really have that many special parties or events in our lifetime if you think about it, so why not make the ones you have a bit special by serving up some amazing roasted pig.

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