Hog Roast Kennington’s Specially Designed Machines Suited For Everyone

Here at Hog Roast Kennington, we make our own range of hog roasting machines and they’re the same trusty ones that we use when catering our customers’ parties and events. We have several stainless steel machines available on sale, to both professional chefs and domestic cooks, and they all have their own advantages. As well as selling our own brand-new machines, we also sell used ones which are still in great condition and even ones made by other companies, as we want our customers to have the option to choose equipment suited to their needs, even if it ends up not being one of ours.

Hog Roast KenningtonYou’re more than welcome to visit our salesroom in the northwest of England, where you can check out our range in person (there’s no need to make an appointment in advance but if you prefer, you can always call Hog Roast Kennington and let us know you’re coming). You can even have a tour of our factory, where you can speak to our experts about your particular requirements and see one of our new machines being made from scratch by hand.

One of our Hog Roast Kennington long-term customers, Ed, has hired our machines many times over the years but he recently let us know that he was thinking of buying one. Ed is a wedding caterer and only occasionally saw the need to cook hog and spit roasts for his customers in the past, which is why he rented our equipment, whereas he is now being asked for them a lot more, so it makes sense for him to invest in his own.

When Ed came to visit us, he was particularly interested in our used machines, which have the same capabilities as our new ones and come complete with a service, a 12-month warranty and a 12-month gas check certificate. Some of our customers trade in their hog roasting machines for new ones and with plenty of life left in them, they are often ideal for other customers. On this particular day, one of our used Hogmaster Pro machines was just the ticket for Ed and he left very happy with his purchase.