Hog Roast Ipswich – A Southern Slow Roast birthday feast

When our new customer Denise asked Hog Roast Ipswich to cater her private party, it was to celebrate her husband’s 70th birthday with their friends and family, and she wanted a special menu to be served in his honour. Knowing how much he loves his meat, Denise checked over our many menus and found it difficult to decide between the many available options, such as one of our famous hog roasts, a spit-roasted meat like turkey, chicken, beef or lamb, or a barbecue of burgers, sausages and ribs.

Hog Roast IpswichTo make things even more difficult, Denise pored over our speciality menus, like our winter warmer, where you choose the meat, potatoes and vegetables to be served with all the trimmings or our new loaded fries menu, where we smother French fries with brisket of beef or pulled pork, a zesty or spicy slaw, melted cheese and jalapenos. However, when she saw our Southern Slow Roast Menu, she knew it would be perfect for her husband and most of their guests.

With your choice of three marinated meats from a possible five, and four sides, either hot or cold or a combination, from a possible seven, our Hog Roast Ipswich Southern Slow Roast Menu is truly great for choice and variety, and it evens includes vegetarian dish if needed, which Denise did. She selected our Louisiana sticky pork ribs, Creole pulled quarter of spiced lamb and BBQ pork butt for the trio of meats, as well as our homemade halloumi and vegetable wraps for the vegetarians, and all the guests would be able to enjoy the sides of spicy sweet potato wedges, mac and cheese, coleslaw and corn cobettes.

On Sunday afternoon, a few hours before service, our dedicated Hog Roast Ipswich team members roasted the marinated meats slowly but surely and then later in the day, cooked the sides and the vegetarian dish and freshly prepared our special coleslaw. By the time the birthday boy had arrived, to be greeted by more than thirty friends and family members, we had a great feast ready to be devoured, and the guests just couldn’t wait to dig in.