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Welcome to the Spitting Pig Company the UK’s leading provider of hog roast catering. We have been providing simply scrumptious hog roasts for over twenty years whatever your event or location we have the perfect solution. We provide catering for all types of events and all numbers of guests, from a simple spit roast or BBQ with a few friends in your garden right through to a marquee reception for 500 corporate clients with drinks reception, canapés, plated starter, waitresses, entertainment and bar service. Whatever your event or budget we treat all our customers to the same high levels of service.

We will give you a wonderful hog roast experience for your staff and guests and make sure everyone is served with super fresh food. Have a look at the different menus and let us know your requirements. We can provide lots of different menus and styles of catering. Everything from a cold November’s bonfire hog roast with mulled wine through to a summer Caribbean themed BBQ with limbo dancers and alligator steaks. Whatever the time of year, location or menu we will cater to all your needs.

All prices quoted on our website are based on 100 quests and dependant on time of year and location.

Hog roast corporate hospitality catering

Every business, including ourselves, is aware, to varying degrees, the importance of the business meeting. For all of our collective successes, these meetings cannot be underestimated. Making the right impression and putting people at ease can make the difference between a contract signed and a contract binned. We’ve all been there, we’ve experienced the good meetings and we’ve endured the bad. With The Spitting Pig Company at the helm of your meetings catering ship, you can rest assured that while you get down to business, or just simply relax, that our cuisine is sure to delight, intrigue and surprise.

Two decades of experience in corporate catering

Our versatility in terms of service gives you the choice to tailor your event environment. Being completely self-sufficient in terms of service, we don’t need any assistance or extra space to work in terms of cooking preparation. Coupled with this, is our ability to either serve discreetly or in a more open fashion, where our fantastic machines, lovely turning hogs and great side dishes can be seen and smelled before being eaten.

The size or magnitude of any corporate event is in a way irrelevant to us. Capable of catering to a hundred or thousand without the slightest problem, our considerable experience in corporate catering gained over two decades allows us to approach each event confidently with all the right ingredients to surpass even the most discerning of palates. The truth of the matter is, that irrespective of region or ethnic background, nearly everyone around the world appreciates slowly cooked, spit roasted meat. This method of cooking pre-dates modern constructs as regards nationality and ethnicity.

Put simply, spit roasting is one of the most universal methods of food preparation. Helping massively when it comes to entertaining both prospective international partners and existing business customers alike. The sheer delight we’ve witnessed at our corporate events is a testament to the idea that we eat with more than our eyes and smile with more than our mouths.

The ideal solution to impress your clients

With a huge back-catalogue of corporate partners who have loved our commitment, energy, quality and culinary theatre, will you make your next booking with us? Built with passion and dedication from all of our team, The Spitting Pig Company can do more than give your corporate hospitality function an added facet.

Finding each new event an intriguing opportunity to meet more of the public, whom we’ve grown very fond of over the years, The Spitting Pig Company has learnt from each new experience and added it to our armoury as regards the quality of our service. Where meetings matter, our food constitutes the scrumptious deal-maker.

The Spitting Pig Company is the ideal solution to impress your clients with outstanding food and excellent service. Highly suited for corporate hospitality we can organize your whole event or simply be an addition to your exiting package.

High end hog & spit roast catering

We specialize in high end hog and spit roast catering. Our company has over 25 years of combined catering experience and we are presently handling over 400 functions per year UK wide. We have successfully catered for as many as 3,000 delighted guests at a single event.

Our food is delicious and very visual. It can be presented as:

A snack in a roll eaten while mobile
A buffet indoors or out
A formal dinner or sit down meal

Please fill in our enquiry form or give us a call on our free phone number 0800 587 5899 to discuss your events special requirements.

All our food is prepared fresh onsite using only the best ingredients; our passionate chefs will make all your food whilst your pig is slowly roasting. Then our highly trained waiting staff will give you flawless service. Our reputation is second to none and from the first phone call to the faultless clearing away of the rubbish after your event we will give you absolute 100% commitment to flawless customer service.

We have been providing hog roast catering throughout the UK for over twenty years we are one of the original hog roast companies. We now not only provide catering and event solutions we also train other hog roast companies and some of England’s top chefs and restaurateurs how to spit roast food and cater for events. We also provide a support network for over 50 other hog roast catering companies. So when you book Spitting Pig to cater for your special occasion or event you can rest assured that you really are getting the number one market leaders.

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