Hog Roast Ashford caters for Anniversary Party!

Yorkshire - ChickenAlbert and Florence had been married for 60 years and the family decided that a party would be a good idea to celebrate such a long and happy marriage. The village hall at Ashford was the place to hold the event on the afternoon of Saturday the 21st of April. This was a place Albert and Florence were familiar with as they went there every week. Their daughter Susan had been left in charge of organising the party. As most of the guests were of the older end it was decided straight away there wouldn’t be any kind of disco but more of a tea dance.

Albert and Florence thought this was a fantastic idea because that’s how they met all those years ago, at a tea dance and they still enjoyed dancing with a local group. Both were very light on their feet and very fit for their age. The dance group they were part off had been invited to the party. Susan thought using the music that was used for the dance group would be a great idea for the party as everyone would be familiar with it. There was to be around 70 people who were invited. Albert and Florence had never really had a party of any sort before so were very excited about the occasion and being able to see family and friends altogether in one place.

The day of the party arrived and both Albert and Florence were very much looking forward to the event. Guests had arrived from the dance group all with their dancing shoes on ready to take the floor. Music was playing in the background all afternoon so anyone could get up and dance when they wanted. Albert and Florence were really enjoying themselves! Susan booked us at Hog Roast Ashford to come along and do the catering and asked for a buffet. We discussed with Susan what would be the best choice for the buffet and she made a fantastic choice consisting of a spit roast chicken and beef, with a fresh green salad dressed. A lovely tomato salad was made and added colour to the table, baby new potatoes in herby butter sat alongside the meats, and of course our signature sauces and rolls. Everyone loved the food and there was plenty left over for everyone to have seconds later on. We at Hog Roast Ashford cleared everything away for the hosts and left a neat plate of chicken, beef and some remaining rolls for everyone to help themselves when they got hungry later on.