Hog Roast Sussex

The ancient and historic county and region of Sussex holds the phenomenon of hog roasting very dear indeed. As the name suggests, Sussex was a part of the Saxon England which played a pivotal and fundamental role in the construction and building of the nation of Great Britain. Back well over a thousand years ago, the warring factions which percolated in and around the county of Sussex would have celebrated victories on the battlefield by indulging in things such as a hog and spit roasts. In many ways, they would indulge in a catered event of their own – utilising and making the most of the same flame roasting process which we employ today at all of the catering assignments we conduct at our clients events and private functions.

Hog Roast Bognor Regis for example, is a great place to come for a spit roast which connects you intrinsically to the past of England. Steeped in tradition yet brimming with modern culinary touches and flashes of cuisine-based flair – our food blends the old with the new. This results in epic food at prices which you would find hardly believable – they are so very low indeed! So if you do want a Hog Roast in Bognor Regis – or anywhere else in the whole of the county of Sussex, simply give us a call or drop us an email via our easy to use and fully interactive web-form. This web form can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website – simple and effective!

We service the following areas in Sussex – Bognor Regis, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing

Hog Roast – Exceeding Expectations

Over the years, the culinary and cuisine based expectations of a nation shift. Often, Surrey - pig21food which is loved and adored in places such as Hog Roast Brighton, may be disliked and loathed in areas and places such as Hog Roast Eastbourne. However, as a whole, a nations food requirements tend to change with a universal motion. The results of this today include a much higher expectation when it comes to the food eaten by the population of Britain as a whole. This is great for us, as it shows that all the work we have been putting into creating great food is becoming recognised and appreciated on an ever increasing scale. Through aspects of society such as the rise in popularity of television chefs, the population is crying out for high quailty, rustic food – great for a wedding or private function in Hog Roast Worthing. Whereas British cuisine was once seen as terrible – particularly on behalf of those across the English Channel in continental Europe, now our range of produce as well as our eclectic, numerous and high quality eating establishments – make us truly a nation to be envied. So whether you want to have a Hog Roast in Brighton, or whether you wish to have sumptuous and exacting spit roast corporate catering and a Hog Roast in Eastbourne, simply click on our Contact Us page for a culinary sensation that will surpass anything you’ve tried.

Throughout our many years in the hog and spit roasting trade, we have catered for countless events in and around the Sussex region. Throughout this time, we have always strived to give our customers the very best – and it is for this reason, among others, that we have grown and prospered within an industry which sees many caterers go out of business. Where many hog and spit roast catering providers see peoples events as a way purely to make money – we see it as a way of both earning an honest living whilst also helping to enlighten the masses through providing food which we truly love – especially great for a Hog Roast in Worthing for example. Although the hog and spit roasting method is the most ancient of all the means and ways of roasting or preparing meat for human consumption, it is also the very best. Put simply, there is no finer way to roast meat on this Earth. By holding true to a few simple absolutes, the spit roasting method of live flames, rotating carcasses and slow roasting provides a finished culinary product which simply cannot be touched. By adapting our machines to be able to roast in any environment and in any location at all, we have successfully found an affordable formula for our clients, a formula which allows us to serve food beyond the quality of any restaurant at the the events and venues of our clients. For us, this is fantastic. So when it comes to booking in your next event, why settle for less? With exceptional ingredients, fully trained and skilled chefs and a reputation that’s impeccable – we are the best choice you’ve yet to make.

The Appealing Hog Roast Experience

There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to have a bespoke hog and spit roast catered event with us in the glorious county of Sussex. First and foremost, there are more of us deciding to have events at our houses and own venues instead of heading to restaurants. Although the ceremonial county of Sussex lacks nothing in terms of high quality restaurants in Bognor Regis, there is nothing like having your own event. In a society where we are all also collectively tightening our purse strings, the prospect of our catering allows people to dine on food which is far better than any restaurant – all for prices which work out very low indeed. As the years go on, our services in and across the county of Sussex continue to grow and flourish, for all of the right reasons – so if you want a Hog Roast in Brighton all you need to do is drop us an email in order to get started on your bright path towards the magnificent hog roast event.

First of all, to suggest that the hog roast event is something which we have created is crazy – as it is one of the oldest and most distinguished methods of cooking. Indeed, back before there were places such as Hog Roast Eastbourne, primitive man was utilising the spit roast method of meat roasting in order to prepare food for human consumption – believe me, the last thing on the minds of the Neanderthals was a Hog Roast in Worthing. Instead it was a means of sustenance, of survival. Over time, almost everything in our lives has improved, from medicine through to technology. Yet no amount of ingenuity or technical advancement has yet to topple this most ancient method of meat roasting. Thus, when we embarked upon our catering mission, we didn’t think of using any other means of creating our fabulous meats for the events of our clients.

Hog Roast Options

Today, our catering company offers the very finest when it comes to hog and spit roast catering – believing in a wide range of choice for all of our customers. Although many people only associate spit roasting with the cooking of pigs, we also offer our clients the opportunity of consuming other great meats as part of their menu options. Indeed, we have great amounts of pig roast events in Hog Roast Bognor Regis for example, however our other meat options are just as tasty and offer a real alternative to pork. Why not try our celebrated spring lambs, which are roasted on our spits whole in front of our clients. This meat is a sight to behold as it turn on our spit – and when it is draped with rosemary gives off exceptional aromas throughout a venue. For an event near Hog Roast in Brighton for example, you might want to try our delightful spit roasted chickens. These gorgeous birds are roasted in numbers up to 35 per machine, allowing for a marvellous visual display as they roast towards a brilliant golden hue. Along with chickens and lamb, our clients can also choose from turkeys and whole sides of beef – roasted to your liking with that great flame grilled taste which cannot be obtained via Northamptonshire - salad1nay other method out there. Along with our meats, we have a huge range of service options along with a diverse amount of peripheral dishes which can tantalise the taste buds of anyone!

Along with our meats and culinary services which began with humble beginnings in Hog Roast Eastbourne, we also have a huge repertoire of other facets which make us indispensible to those who want a Hog Roast in Worthing. Our team of office staff provide the ideal place for our prospective clients to find out all they need to know about their up and coming event. By staffing our offices with those who know all there is to know about hog roasting itself, we ensure that the correct advice is passed on at the right time. Instead of making cuts in areas which other caterers do, we believe in using our expertise to give our clients the best service every time – crucial for giving our clients security in towns such as Hog Roast Bognor Regis.

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So if you want to eat food at your event location which is beyond any restaurant then just give us a call or drop us an email. For a great Hog Roast in Brighton you have certainly come to the right place! Contact us today.